A 30-day blog project: Something FoundSomething Written, and Something Made.


Day #3

Something FOUND.

The raw, equal-parts-strange-and-delightful work of Mauzenn. https://www.instagram.com/mauzenn/



Something WRITTEN.

A Lion Shares.

I was better before she tried to fix me. I was done, really, nearly perfect. But then she pushed it and I fell apart instantly. Before, when I was ambiguous and wonderfully imperfect, I was… dare I say it… perfect?

But my perfect imperfection wasn’t enough for her. She saw the flaw and was sure everyone would notice. “Where’s the stomach?” she thought people would ask. And she answered, “HERE!” practically shouting.

(And — probably distracted by all of the yelling — her hand was just a tad too heavy when she made the last line.)

And now it’s too late. There’s nothing to do but live with this rash decision, like a plastic surgery gone wrong. Any effort to “fix the fix” would draw even more attention to the area.

And so it goes. Everyone pretends you look great when everybody knows that the original flaw, even if slightly unconventional, was beautiful in its way. And that this new look, well, there is something about it that doesn’t quite ring true.

But it’s not so bad.


It’s not THAT bad….

Okay, the line on my belly does feel a bit plastered on, but I wonder if you would have noticed it if I hadn’t have pointed it out to you.

Ah…. Wait! Perhaps the belly line is just my NEW imperfectly perfect flaw!


Something MADE.


Have a wonderful day!