A 30-day blog project: Something FoundSomething Written, and Something Made.


Day #9

Something FOUND.

Fantastic pigeon drawings by Hazel Terry.



Something WRITTEN.

A – Art. I like it.
B – Blogs. Blogs can be wonderful and/or a waste of time.
C – Cowboys. Not sure how I feel about them.
D – Deer. I miss seeing them in my yard.
E – Everyone. Everyone is so different and so alike. So weird.
F – Fleas. Have had them.
G – Galoshes. Don’t have any, never have.
H – Hilltop. Mountaintop’s little sister.
I – Ice Cream. Can’t have any.
J – Joking. Sometimes in the mood, sometimes not.
K – Kelly. My little sister.
L – Little. The name of my son’s pet chinchilla when he was 9.
M – Muffins. Bane.
N – “No.” No explanation needed.
O – Owls. I like drawing them.
P – Peanuts. I like eating them.
Q – Queen. I think I would play the part well in a play.
R – Rickets. Not really sure what these are.
S – Steve. Husband and friend.
T – Turbulence. Related to “S” sometimes.
U – Umbrellas. Ridiculous things…
V – Vegan. Sounds good and horrible.
W – Wet. I don’t like it.
X – X-rays. My bunny got x-rayed once.
Y – Yellow. Wonderful layered atop other colors.
Z – Zoo. I’ve been to one recently.


Something MADE.


Have a wonderful day!