A 30-day blog project: Something FoundSomething Written, and Something Made.


Day #11

Something FOUND.

Coney Island Seattle

Something WRITTEN.

We live in downtown Seattle and our “porch” is Occidental Square, a no-grass city park just across the street and around the building. It’s sunny today so I decided to go there to try and write this post.

I had just sat down when “Michael” asked if I wanted to play chess.

I’m pretty horrible at chess (I can beat my grandsons sometimes), and I’ve never played a stranger in a park, but I said “yes” before I could stop myself and proceeded to almost get checkmated in the first three moves.

“You want to protect the middle,” he told me good-naturedly. “No one in the history of tournaments has ever made that move [the one I had made to start the game].”

He checkmated in about 8-10 more moves… schooled! But somehow he didn’t make me feel stupid. Thank you, Michael.

Then he asked if I would like to play again.

I didn’t — getting pounded once per day is about my limit. But I just MIGHT try again another time, as the pounding was a surprisingly pleasant experience.

I might ask him to handicap himself, though. Such as letting him start with only his king and the pawns.

Oh. Never mind.


Something MADE.

Someone shared a link on FB a few months ago about an artist who made her own paintbrushes with items from nature, and she inspired me to try it today. (So sorry, I couldn’t find that artist, but I did find THIS POST with some cool handmade brushes! The artist is Lorna Crane! Thanks, Laura.)


Have a wonderful day!