Making Faces
Instructor: Lynn Whipple
Two-Week Class • 6 Lessons
Cost: $85

Class Dates: May 30 – June 9, 2017


Let’s make faces!

Ever-fascinating faces are chock full of artful possibilities. Faces are how we communicate and, in a sense, faces are who we are.

In this class you will create dozens and dozens of different types of faces. You will draw, paint and collage, play with line, shape, color and mark and you’ll come away with an approach to keep your art practice fresh and full of new ideas.

Let’s turn our studios into a laboratory of face making as we explore, experiment and enjoy this exciting and astounding subject matter.

And as always, let’s have fun!!


All my best,


Class Itinerary:

Week 1

Lesson 1 – About Face
In this lesson we will go over some simple basics about drawing the form of the face that will inform your drawings to come. Let’s start with a quick and playful exercise with ovals and make fast and free faces. Next we will look further into the face, discussing proportion and use of shadow to find form. And finally, some tips about connecting with line the features of the face to create more interesting drawings.

Lesson 2 – Crazy Face Trace
We’ll start with an eyes-closed, touch-and-continuous-line drawing exercise of our own faces to gather more information about the face and it’s form and structure. Next we will blaze forward with photo references, color and crazy mark making for wild and unexpected results. Be fast, energetic and playful. Finally, we’ll cut these up and rearrange!

Lesson 3 – Facing Backwards
Today is about working on the background first. We will start with watercolor patterning, shape-making and stencils. Remember to spatter, because everything is better with a little spatter! Now it is time to play and make faces as you draw on top of the patterns you have created. Some of these will turn out, some maybe won’t, the big idea is to keep your hands moving and your brain engaged as you push towards new ways to explore and communicate with the face.

Week 2

Lesson 4 – Collage Day! Making Faces!
Play with colored and patterned paper shapes for hair, eyes, nose, mouth, neck and shoulders and backgrounds. Adding even one piece of patterned collage to your faces can open up design opportunities and bring unexpected brain surprises for you and for your viewer.

Lesson 5 – Mixed-Media Day!
Once again we are on the lookout for brain surprises! Start by playing the magazine swap game and then move on to all of your media. You can incorporate words into your faces, add your faces last, or start with a photo reference and layer on top with paint, pencil and markers. Cover much of the face, but leave traces of the features showing through. Build mystery and emotion as you take liberties with line, shape and mark, creating a more moody tone and character. Remember this is all experimental and the bigger idea is to push you towards new art making and face-making possibilities.

Lesson 6 – Elevate Your Face
Now it’s time to take all the starts and explorations and see how they might become more finished pieces. You will look at each face separately by putting it inside a frame or background and see if it can stand on its own. Perhaps it will need a little tweaking by adding more darks or line work… perhaps a new series will be born… perhaps a direction will come into focus that will keep your hands moving for years to come.

Please Join us  for this super fun way to jump-start your summer art-making!

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