A 30-day blog project: Something FoundSomething Written, and Something Made.


Day #26

Something FOUND.

I really like Scott Bergey‘s visual style!



Something WRITTEN.

I’ve missed a few days due to traveling to Maryland and back for my son’s graduation. I thought this might happen and am happy to report that my first instinct (to end the 30-day project the day BEFORE the trip) was sound. It’s the counting of days that I need to second guess next time!

The trip was wonderful but it had its moments. Which story would you like first?

a. The Grouchy Man

b. The Worst Flight Ever

c. “Lost” Luggage

Please comment with your choice and I’ll do my best to accommodate in #27!


Something MADE.

Collaboration with my son Wes when he was about 4.

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Have a wonderful day!