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Intro to Acrylics: Painting Foregrounds
with Fred Lisaius
2-Week Class; 4 Video Lessons
Class Dates: June 6-16, 2017


Welcome to the third class in a three-part series! In these classes we will learn how to create the Background, Middle Ground and Foreground. We will also learn many techniques for creating depth and making all three grounds work together.

In this third class we will use our paintings from Parts 1&2 and create two foregrounds, which will become the main subject of the paintings. Have fun deciding what will be in the foreground of your paintings. Is there a hiker with a dog? An animal? What else might work? Do some sketches to help visualize your ideas and then find some good photo reference to help you paint it accurately.

Acrylics paints are beautiful. The medium is creamy, colorful, and very versatile. This class is designed to introduce beginners to this beautiful medium and to excite more advanced students with new information and techniques. I look forward to painting with you! — Fred


Series Schedule:

Backgrounds (instant availability)
Middle Grounds (instant availability)
Foregrounds (June 6-15, 2017)

Cost is $95 for all three classes in the series or $40 for each individual class.

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Part 1 – Foregrounds Class Itinerary

Week 1 – Blue Sky, Mountains, Deer

Lesson 1 – Decide on your foreground subject and make sketches to get familiar before committing to paint. Choosing warmer and richer colors to bring the subject forward and roughing in your subject with the first layer of paint.

Lesson 2 – Adding second layer of paint, refining the form of your subject, and adding final details to make it feel close and really bring it to life.


Week 2 – Sunrise Sunset, Trees, Hiker

Lesson 3 – This is the culmination of our whole series, and we will be taking on the challenge of painting the human figure, starting again with some pencil sketches and then applying our first layer of paint to our panels.

Lesson 4 – Using smaller brushes, we will make those final touches that give the human form its character and personality, as well as refining light and shadow and bringing it to its finish.


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