Spark Summer!
(Formally 2015: Year of the Spark)

Instructors: Lynn Whipple & Carla Sonheim
6-week class • 12 video lessons

Class Dates: June 20 – July 27, 2017

Note: This is a repeat (partial) of the 2015 year-long class, “Year of the Spark.” If you were in the original class, you are welcome to join this summer at no additional cost. Email Carla at carla[at] and ask to be put on the list! Thanks!


In 2015 we (Lynn Whipple & Carla Sonheim) taught a year-long online class together, 2015: Year of the Spark.

This summer we are picking our favorite 12 lessons and running them over a six-week period starting June 20th. Join us!

This online class is about ART, and how we can infuse MORE of it into our lives…. More art, more creativity, more time, more inspiration, more motivation, and more FUN!


Lynn and I share a love of making art, moving our hands, and keeping things FUN. We believe that the more fun you have, the more open your mind is to creative solutions, which produces more authentic and imaginative art!

Two times a week (one each from Carla and Lynn) you will receive a video lesson + pdf which will include a short spark-your-art exercise (how do we make the time for creativity? How do we start?), as well as a longer, technique-based mixed-media project.


How will this work?

We want students to create art that is true to their own style (as opposed to expecting art look like ours). The techniques taught are just starting points and you will incorporate them into your own existing styles, and what will come out will be fresh and new!

Also, we strive to make sure that every online lesson includes both techniques and the opportunity for personal growth and self expression. “Spark Summer!” includes an online community where participants from all over the world share their work, their thoughts, and encourage each other. And of course, we are available to comment on all work uploaded throughout the class.

This class includes:

• 12 VIDEO LESSONS (6 from Lynn, 6 from Carla), each with a warm-up exercise and a main mixed-media lesson
• 12 accompanying PDFs with step-outs, written instructions, references, links, etc.
• Instructor FEEDBACK on uploaded or emailed work
• Private BLOG and closed FACEBOOK group.

*    *    *

Class Itinerary

Week 1 ___________
Tuesday – Carla
Journal Pages & One-liners and Gestures! Exploring Line Quality

Thursday – Lynn
Sketchbook Patterns and Brain Surprise: Shape Making

Week 2 ___________
Tuesday – Carla
Automatic Writing and Thoughts are Things Mini Books

Thursday – Lynn
Drawing to Music and Duo des Fleurs “Flower Duet” 

Week 3 ___________
Tuesday – Carla
Warmup with Wes and Smartphone Monotype Collages

Thursday – Lynn
Color Mixing and Color Making: Value Painting

Week 4 ___________
Tuesday – Carla
Journal Diving and Carved Watercolor Paintings 

Thursday – Lynn
Favorite Icons and Threading Thoughts

Week 5 ___________
Tuesday – Carla
Daily Ritual and Draw-Through Face Grids

Thursday – Lynn
Thumbnail Sketches and Directional Mark Making

Week 6 ___________
Tuesday – Carla
Modern Artists & Kids and Painting Big: Thinking Small

Thursday – Lynn
Free Patterned Paper and Not so Still Life

For details and to sign up, click HERE!