Steve and I will be married 25 years on June 19th. So I’m doing a little countdown here at the blog and will continue the Something FOUND, Something WRITTEN, and Something MADE format. Here goes!


#16 Days before the Silver Anniversary

Something FOUND

Found during a drive on Bainbridge Island today:



Something WRITTEN

I wanted to spend the next 16 days here unraveling an interesting tale of my nearly 25-year-marriage to Steve Sonheim. I planned on it being well-thought-out and funny. The end of every post would be something of a cliff-hanger, of course, and I would do a good job being real and honest but also not hurtful.

Unfortunately (apparently) I’m not a person who can think that far ahead. I just can’t write the whole thing and break it into 16 equal parts; I can’t.

I “think” one blog post at a time.

So today I’m going for it. I’m forging ahead with no real clear idea of what I’m doing. I’m making a commitment that I’m pretty sure I can keep, barring disaster. And I’m excited about what’s to come: What will happen? How will it look after time has passed?

(And as I write the above paragraph it occurs to me how very similar getting married is to writing 16 consecutive blog posts.)


Something MADE

Steve and I recently went to our storage unit and brought home a box of my grandfather’s slides. I’ve been superimposing two slides to make new images and am having a ball. I wanted to share this one today because sailboats were part of our Bainbridge Island Ferry ride this morning.