Steve and I will be married 25 years on June 19th. So I’m doing a little countdown here at the blog and will continue the Something FOUNDSomething WRITTEN, and Something MADE format.


4 Days before the Silver Anniversary

Something FOUND


From our wedding album contact sheet:



Something WRITTEN

The wedding was held at a Lutheran Church in St. Charles, Illinois. The officiant was Mitch Gowen, Steve’s brother-in-law. About 70 people attended the service.

The day was freezing for a hot summer day — 59 degrees F.

The reception was held at a beautiful old hotel in Batavia, Illinois. The ballroom had underlit glass tiles for the dance floor.

The bride wore a beautiful pink wedding gown. The groom used a newspaper rubber band to tie his hair back. Christer, who was four, had not had a nap.

The bride’s mother’s feelings had been hurt by the bride the day of the wedding. The bride was later told by her mother that the transgression was a “blessing in disguise” as, otherwise, she might have cried at the ceremony.

Photographs were taken before the catered dinner of chicken and peas (pretty sure).

Highlights include the kiss, the cake, and watching Christer cut up the dance floor in his mini tuxedo.


Something MADE

Adam and Eve, 2002.



Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you tomorrow!