So I checked my calendar and the next time I get on an airplane is August 12th. So I plan to do three weeks of M-F posts until then: Something FOUNDSomething WRITTEN, and Something MADE.


Something FOUND

Lovely illustration work by Makoto Maruyama (via Artistic Moods blog):



Something WRITTEN

ten years, suggested by cathee

Ten years ago I was 44 years old and had just returned from a month-long art-teaching trip to India.

Ten years before that I was 34 years old and grieving the sudden death of my father (a heart attack at only 62).

Ten years before that I was 24 years old I was beginning a year of studying History in Sweden and was pregnant with my first son, Christer.

Ten years before that I was 14 years old and was taking a ceramics class in summer school where I made a little clay elephant that I broke on the way home and threw away in frustration (but my sister retrieved it from the trash and for that I am grateful).

Ten years before that I was 4 years old and honestly can’t remember what I was doing that summer but I do remember the day before I turned 4 in May telling the grocery store clerk that I would be “this many” tomorrow (while holding up four fingers).

Ten years from now I will be 64 years old (hopefully) and will have three teenaged grandchildren and will have published “that” book (hopefully).

Ten years from then I will be 74 (hopefully) and, gosh, the grandkids will be in their 20s.

Ten years from then I will be 84 years old (hopefully) and Steve and I will have been married 55 years (hopefully).

Ten years from then I might still be alive at 94 (my grandmother lived until 102!) and if so I hope I am still drawing and painting.

Ten years from then I will most certainly not be here anymore, but hopefully by then it will be okay.


Something MADE

The elephant from the summer before 9th grade:



Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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