So I checked my calendar and the next time I get on an airplane is August 12th. So I plan to do three weeks of M-F posts until then: Something FOUNDSomething WRITTEN, and Something MADE.


Something FOUND

Beautiful work by Kelsey Shultis (via Art Hound)



Something WRITTEN

two words, suggested by Jane Wherry


Writing posts
using prompts
from you
of only

two words

is really
much harder
than I
thought it
would be.

But I’m
having fun
with it —
so please
keep on
posting your

two words.

(Thank you!)


Something MADE

Imaginary flowers from a few years ago:



Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you Monday!


Please help me decide what to write about tomorrow! Comment with two words — they can be anything, nouns, verbs, names — and I will pick a set for tomorrow’s post. Examples: “John Smith,” “purple guitar,” “get down,” “how now” etc.