So I checked my calendar and the next time I get on an airplane is August 12th. So I plan to do three weeks of M-F posts until then: Something FOUNDSomething WRITTEN, and Something MADE.


Something FOUND

Marian Bijlenga



Something WRITTEN

watching seagulls suggested by paulette


We live near Elliott Bay in Seattle and so seagulls are a big part our our daily soundtrack.

Sometimes I wake up early enough to hear them squawking in unison… or, more likely, they wake me up.

Most of the time during the day, though, there is the consistent, pleasant sound of a seagull talking to us.

Sometimes the sky is quiet for a time, but it’s never long before one of them needs to squawk.

I can hear one right now… and I see two, no three flying across the sky… from where I sit.

If I need cheering up I can walk down to Ivar’s Fish Bar and watch scores of seagulls doing cartwheels in the air for french fries… and I know not to worry, because “seagulls are dainty eaters” (as the sign at the restaurant says).

Recently we needed the sound of seagulls calling for one of our 365 class videos. Steve put the recorder out on our windowsill for nearly an hour, but not a single seagull!

Instead we had to pay $20 for a digital recording to get the video out on time.

I’m not sure how they knew.


Something MADE

Seattle skyline.





Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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