Intro to Realism
Instructor: Karine Swenson
Two-Week Class • 6 Lessons
Class Dates: October 10-20, 2017

In this class you will learn techniques to help you strengthen your drawing and painting skills.

The emphasis will be placed on finding ways to develop your own unique style while getting closer to visual truth. Just as each person has unique handwriting, your own way of drawing and painting will become your strength.

Each of you will pick your own 3D object — a toy, a tool, or something that interests you — and render it multiple times, building from quick sketches all the way to a color painting. We will work with color and value and pay close attention to light and shadow to create dimensionality.

I look forward to working with you!

Karine Swenson


Class Itinerary:

Week 1

Lesson 1
We will spend some time choosing our subject matter that you will draw and paint throughout this class. Then you will light it, photograph it, and do a couple of quick drawings of it! You will also draw your hand in this lesson, an ever-available subject and a great way to sneak a little drawing practice in wherever you find yourself.

Lesson 2
This lesson will be devoted to drawing — both quick study, and slower, more careful study. The drawings are part of the process of learning to see more and to develop better hand/eye coordination. You will do several drawings of your hand and your chosen subject.

Lesson 3
In this lesson we will do more quick studies and then work on and finish a value study in charcoal of our subject to prepare us for our painting.

Lesson 4
Paint!!! Today we will work with a very limited palette, and use our value study from Lesson 3 to help us navigate our first painting of our subjects.

Lesson 5
We will begin the final painting of our subjects. You will be able to expand your color palette (a little!).

Lesson 6
The focus of our final lesson will be to explore the finishing touches, how to know when you are finished, and what you can do to make a painting you like.


Class begins October 10th. For details, click HERE!