My grandson Ethan (almost 5) was here for a few hours this afternoon. After he ate two snacks, watched two tv episodes, and tried to get Grandpa to play with him, he finally decided to sit down with me and draw.

Ethan is a wonderful artist. He really likes drawing (as long as eating, television, and Grandpa are off the table), and he particularly likes to use the bold acrylic paint pens.

The above drawing has some great design elements. He started off with a big red spiral which you can see peeking through and ties the whole thing together. He naturally moved the other colors around the piece to keep our eyes moving, and he varied the size and density of his marks (especially the gray). He even used two similar, but different, colors of pink, which makes it fun to look at.

I really love this drawing.

My pony truly pales in comparison, but… ah well!horsecollage