Lost in the Forest, suggested by Barbara Fox


This is how I feel these days. I’m walking in a forest, and every tree is in my sight, taking equal attention. One is not much bigger than the other or, if it is, I am studiously ignoring that one.

For example, today: One tree is making little animals. One tree is trying to clean my studio. One tree is maintaining Anne’s class. One tree is putting up Tracie’s class. One tree is meeting with the web guy. One tree is writing an email to Jason. One tree is coming up with reasons not to make this little writing thing into an illustrated essay, like I promised.

Even though I am lost in this forest of my work life, it is, for the most part, enjoyable. I like to hear the birds sing and feel the sun peek through the branches.

It’s lovely, actually.

But I also feel a little bit scared, if I’m honest. Which way is the right way? Aren’t I just walking in circles? Is there a right way, to … somewhere? And if so, where?

Or is this the journey, to be in the forest, wandering around, enjoying each tree as I stumble upon it?

But I can’t help but wonder: Are there any big trees that I need to pitch a tent near and camp out for awhile? And does the path lead to a cottage made of candy? Without the witch?

I suppose it’s a combination of both, like everything: Work on being able to enjoy the moments but also move along the path to where I’m going. (I don’t have to know where the path leads, but that there is a path I can’t deny, even if I think that all I am doing puttering in the forest.)


Please comment with a topic (it can be just one or two words, or a sentence, a quote, etc.), and I will pick one and either make a word poster like I intended or wimp out and just do a little bit of writing, like I did today. I am doing 10 of these….