Yesterday was my 55th birthday and I had the best birthday ever. It was a glorious sunny day, Steve made me a bird book, we had lunch with friends and cake with our grandchildren, I had my blood drawn and enjoyed so many Facebook birthday wishes… thank you!

Truly, I had the most enjoyable day. There is just one thing I would have changed:

Steve was in the back working on my other birthday gift (the 365 prompt) and I was putting away some groceries. When I opened the cabinet, I noticed a huge “pool” of something sticky on the shelf.

The substance covered an area about the size of a large man’s boot print. I thought it was syrup, but both the bottle of syrup and the bear-shaped jar of honey, which were sitting in the stuff, had their lids shut tight.


Even though it was my birthday, I got a rag, wet it, squeezed out the excess water and tackled the spill.

It wasn’t easy. The stuff (I still wasn’t sure what it was) had kind of melded into the shelf and it took quite a bit of scooping and scrubbing and at least three trips to the sink to rinse off the rag and start anew. I even had to pull out the pot scrubber to get some stubborn parts up… on my BIRTHDAY!

Once the shelf was clean I had to tackle the bags of pecans and walnuts and raisins that had gotten drenched in the stuff. I carefully ran the bottoms of the plastic bags under the running faucet and even had to scrub them a little with a sponge to get all the sticky off.

And then I had to wash off the syrup and honey bottles.

The whole thing took about five minutes.

But otherwise, a perfect day!