Muses, Monsters suggested by Cigdem Kobu

My muses and my monsters have been at war lately.

I have some of each, and they are pretty equal in terms of strength and influence, though one often gets the better of the other and I never really know who will win the tug-of-war any given hour.

When the Monsters are winning I don’t seem to get any drawing or painting or writing done.

This might seem a cop out, as if I’m blaming my lack of productivity on “monsters,” but I stand by this story and here is why:

  1. Even at their best and nicest, Monsters interrupt things. (Interruptions are not good for creativity.)
  2. When the Monsters are tired, EVERYONE is tired.
  3. Monsters get their feelings hurt easily, which is annoying and sad. And distracting.
  4. Monsters tend to be loud, and I am noise sensitive (just ask my husband and his blasting stereo).
  5. Monsters at heart are insecure, which is confusing to both me and the muses.

When I sat down to write this blog post, the monsters were out dancing around a bit, but in the end they decided to take a little nap!


Please comment here or at the blog with any two words (they can be related to each other, or two random words), and I will pick a pair and try to come up with a drawing or piece of writing based on those two words.