Dream BIG suggested by ifoundmypaintbrush


The other day I laughed out loud when I saw the following note I had written to myself in the “notes” app on my phone:


I don’t remember writing it.

I love dreams. I wish I could remember mine more, as where else would one come up with buttered bananas?

I mean, what was my subconscious thinking?

Perhaps in my dream I mistook the banana for corn on the cob… that would explain the butter…

Perhaps “things that are yellow” was the over-arching theme that night…

Or perhaps it’s as simple as my subconscious putting together the banana I have every morning and the butter I see in the refrigerator door multiple times each day.

I don’t know.

But I do know that the “crying” part of that sentence has me wondering if the dream wasn’t about something bigger than fattening fruit.


Please comment here or at the blog with any two words (they can be related to each other, or two random words), and I will pick a pair and try to come up with a drawing or piece of writing based on those two words.