Five things I wanted to share today:

Tony Bennett: “Jazz is so fabulous, because you do the same song you did the night before differently than you did the night before.”


I was in Santa Barbara, California, last week, helping a friend with her teenaged daughters while she was away on a business trip. The girls were wonderful and easy and the weather was beautiful… and Santa Barbara is one of the most beautiful places I know! But I felt kind of melancholy all week… the last time I really spent that much time walking Garden Street and my old neighborhoods (and downtown) was almost 30 years ago, when I was a young woman, and my oldest child was the cutest, friendliest toddler in the world. I miss him.

My computer got too full again last night and I had to move the file titled “BOOK” to an external hard drive. (“BOOK” is a folder full of images and Word files and Indesign files that supposedly I’m trying to organize into a new book now that I have a studio with a door that closes [that my office/studio was in the middle of our living room was my excuse for the last five years of why I haven’t been able to get my head around organizing said book].)

There were over 3,500 files that needed to be moved over.


Two drawings by my grandson, Liam (who turns 7 tomorrow!):

Have a wonderful day!