Hi everyone… I hope you are well this new Monday!

Every year for the past six years we have offered a year-long art class.

The first, in 2013, was called Year of the Giraffe. The idea is that we would approach creating a single subject in many different ways throughout the year: drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, writing and even animation!

In 2014 we did Year of the Fairy Tale. In this class we illustrated eight fairy tales with a variety of techniques and approaches.

In 2015 it was Year of the Spark, a creativity class I co-taught with Lynn Whipple!

In 2016 it was Y is for Yellow, a class in which we tried to focus on working in series while at the same time doing exercises and assignments inspired by the alphabet.

In 2017 we did 365: Activate Your Art Brain, where my husband Steve and I produced a short video creativity prompt every day.

And in 2018 we mixed it up by doing 365 AGAIN, the first time we decided not to switch gears with the theme of the year-long.

Every year has been wonderful and fun and challenging in its own way!

In 2019 we will have a new theme once again, and we are working hard on preparations to get the class up for sale by the end of November.


P.S. The drawings above were from a recent 365 assignment.

P.S.S. And if you missed these classes, three of them are available as self-studies here!


And just a note: We have a new instructor, Seattle Artist Anita Lehmann! And her first class begins tomorrow… Translating Landscape. Won’t you join us?