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Hi Everyone!

Thank you so much for all of your thoughtful comments on the last post. I’m so glad it resonated, and appreciate all of the words of wisdom and humanity shared. Thank you!

Above is a page from the collage sketchbook I’ve been working in. I am a packrat — it’s hereditary — and I can’t even throw away the smallest pieces sometimes. I recently spent some excellent t.v. time whittling my “trash stash” down to these two paper mosaics.

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During those two hours gluing, I couldn’t help but wonder if I was okay.

But then I posted a photo over at instagram, and it was well-received (better received than almost anything I have ever posted!), and I realized that at least I’m a little obsessive in good company.

You can make a Trashy Page, too. Get a glue stick and your scraps, and just start. Wedge in the next little piece of paper and the next little piece of paper until you fill the page. Towards the end you might need to grab your scissors and cut things to size and shape, but mostly, it’s just the glue stick and you.

Post a link to your Trashy Pages in the comments section, or upload a photo at instagram! I’m at @carlasonheim… I look forward to seeing them!

And here is a quick video Steve made about the Year of the Collage class that starts TUESDAY!!

Have a great weekend!