Quiz: What kind of drawing exercise are you?

Contour Drawing
You take things slowly and watch every curve and bump. Things can get tense quickly if you don’t remember to breathe and enjoy yourself!

One-Liner Drawing
You rush from one thing to another and have a lot of fun doing it! Wipeouts sometimes occur, but usually they are no big deal and you just move to the next one.

Scribbly Drawing
You rush head-on into a project, make a mess, and finish in a way that surprises everybody.

Haiku Drawing
Someone of few words, you go through life bringing just the right grace and poetry to any situation.

Wrong-Handed Drawing
Offbeat and funky, you remind us all to have fun, let go of outcomes, and embrace imperfection!

Blind Contour Drawing
Like contour drawings, you are measured and slow and keep your laser focus on the project or person at hand. The results can be a bit funky, though, so give yourself permission to be a Cheater Blind every once in awhile!


Answer in the comments! And have a wonderful day!