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I have a lot of unfinished art — I probably have more unfinished art lying around in various drawers, stacks, etc. than I do finished art.

For whatever reason, I abandoned these perfectly good starts.

Sometimes the whole thing just got off to a wrong start, but I didn’t want to throw it away and waste the good paper.

Sometimes I liked a part of the piece and not the other, and was afraid to move forward because I might wreck the part that I DID like.

Sometimes I had invested a lot of time into the piece only to have it still not work, but was unwilling to give it up because of the time invested.

And sometimes, there was nothing wrong with it at all, but for whatever reason I was interrupted and just haven’t gotten back to it yet.

I keep all of this unfinished art in the hopes that some of it will catch my attention later and I might finish them.

But I’m realizing that — like interrupted conversations or even relationships — the unfinished art is just a part of being human.

It’s unlikely that I’m going to find the time or strength of character to revisit each piece of unfinished art and bring it to a resolved finish …

Complete the Last Sentence

A. … but I can try!

B. … and I need to be okay with that.

* * *

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