I’ve been a coffee drinker for over 20 years, and have tried many times to let it go. But this time I’ve finally done it, and I wanted to share how with you!

It takes just 7 days!

Day 1
Let your “good” coffee run out and use the backup coffee your son Wes bought. Drink a little, gag a little, set aside after just half a cup.

Day 2
Plunge into a really deep depression. One that keeps you in bed most of the day and away from the grocery store. (There is no way I was going to get to the grocery store — you needn’t either.) Contemplate the bad coffee and take an Advil instead.

Day 3
Feel better! And notice that you have only had 1/2 cup of coffee the last two days! Celebrate by going out for breakfast (who are we kidding — lunch) and order iced tea instead of coffee… a little caffeine “bump” to keep the headache away!

Day 4
Dust off your Ben Franklin Tea-Bag Ceramic Jar that your very young granddaughter picked out for you as a special present and retrieve a 2-year-old England Breakfast tea bag. Boil water; have two cups.

Dav 5
Repeat Day 4.

Day 6
Repeat Day 5.

Day 7
Write a blog post sharing your success with the world!!