Five Faces I saw yesterday:

  1. My own, in the mirror. When did that dark spot appear?
  2. My husband’s, as he drove us to our respective appointments. His profile hasn’t changed in the nearly 30 years I’ve known him, except for a slight sag of skin under his chin. Still cute.
  3. Wes’s. Our 24-year-old son is living with us this summer with the mission to archive and organize my artwork (and other stuff). I remember the confused (bemused?) expression on his face as we pass him once, then twice, then a third time trying to find a safe spot to pull over and pick him up.
  4. Our other son’s female sugar glider,* Nimueh, “shouting” at me as I tried to say hello.
  5. The male sugar glider, Emeriss, aka Mr. Chubby Face.


*If you don’t know what a sugar glider is, see here!

The above video was one of our 365 Daily Creativity Prompts from last year. I enjoyed making the animation with charcoal and an eraser.

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Have a great day!