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Shampoo Story

I’ve had gray hair since my 30s. I had dark hair, and the gray started with a white streak:


As the years passed I got grayer and grayer, and I got used to looking a tad older than I think I really am.

But about six months ago I looked in the mirror and wondered why there was this weird YELLOW streak in the front. I complained about it to my friend Kathie Vezzani, who said, “There’s a rinse for that you know.”

I didn’t know.

So I did some research and found several non-yellowing shampoo candidates. I picked one, bought it, and it was delivered a week later.

After the 1st washing I saw no difference and wondered if I had just spent $50 on a bottle of shampoo for no reason.

After the 5th washing I still saw no difference and I suspected I had indeed spent $50 on shampoo for nothing.

After the 10th washing and still no change, I knew for sure that I had spent $50 for regular old shampoo, had been scammed, and, being too lazy to complain and/or send it back, just continued to use it.

It’s been six months, and today I noticed that the yellow streak is almost completely gone:


The improvement was so slow that I couldn’t see it day by day!

So…… if you ever get frustrated that you don’t seem to be improving at drawing, painting, writing, running, meditation or whatever it is that you are working on, just remember it is probably working, and you just can’t see it yet.


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