Hi! We are excited to present this new class from Anita Lehmann!

7 Essentials: The Studio Practice of Anita Lehmann
Class Dates: October 22 – November 7, 2019
7 Lessons – $85

I get excited when I go to my studio because I get to play… but also because it means getting deeper into my work. Along with the play there is something happening in the background, a discipline of sorts that I have broken down into 7 Essentials. These are tools that I can use to get started, find inspiration, push to a finish or just free myself to be expressive.

I happen to have found 7 of these for myself, including things like Gathering, Brainstorming and “Painting like Crazy.” My hope for this class is that you can explore them, pick and choose what works best for you and finally discover some of your own.

We will be working in a variety of media and I will be giving you some fun assignments to test these out for yourself. I’ll be working with birds, flowers, laundry, and still life. You are welcome to follow along with my subjects or choose your own.

I really hope you can join us to practice and share together!



Class Itinerary

Essential 1 – Collect & Gather
This first essential gives you the opportunity to discover your passions in your art practice; it’s a “gathering of evidence.” Let’s find a box, label it with your theme and fill it up with meaning.

Essential 2 – Field Sketching
Let’s get outside or another space the inspires. This essential provides another opportunity to gather evidence and acknowledge your surroundings, where ALL the senses are on fire. These free-flow drawings will give one a freedom of expression while back in studio, too.

Essential 3 – Memory Map & Brainstorming
A key essential is mapping or brainstorming and letting your ideas generate more ideas. Pose a question and where does it take you?

Essential 4 – Recipe
Pick a Format, a Media and an Idea — and stick with it for a series of pieces. Keeping things simple is key in this fourth essential. With so many art supplies, papers and format (I know I have plenty), employing a recipe in which to work clarifies ideas and concepts, resulting in clear, cohesive artwork.

Essential 5 – Design
One of my favorite essentials, Design is my pathway to strong art. Simultaneously, I am challenging ideas or concepts — a free-flow aspect of usual note-taking, media explorationa nd looking for opportunity in one’s idea. Every thought, diagrammed, in an open and non-judgemental way is freeing and enjoyable.

Essential 6 – Edit
Intention wins in this Essential. I sometimes attempt placing too much into one painting, so I ask myself, “What is really needed here?” or “What is my intention?” Clarity is key; powerful work happens when you edit.

Essential 7 – Paint Like Crazy
Woohoo! Now the fun begins. Many times I have been given this essential: Practice, Practice, Practice; Explore, Explore, Expore… Paint like crazy!


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