Hi everyone!

We are in the middle of celebrating 10 years of online classes! I received a question in our 10-Year Anniversary Class asking whether I ever took one-liner drawings “further” or if I just considered them as exercises.

They can be both!

  1. An exercise to get your hand moving and to get your subconscious in the driver’s seat.
  2. An idea-generator and/or the beginning of a final piece of art.

Here is a short tutorial of how I might take a one-liner further:

a. Find a reference to draw (or just draw from imagination):


b. Do several pages of small one-line drawings:


c. Pick a design you like and re-draw on a bigger piece of paper using a black Sharpie pen (size here: about 6″x8″):


d. Now “thicken” some of the lines as shown below and color in. Round edges!lionstep5

e. Add a first light layer of color with Copic markers:


f. Add a second layer of color with markers and colored pencils:


g. Last step: add details and dots with a white paint pen and a pencil.


I look forward to seeing your One Liners taken further! You can share at the Carla Sonheim Presents – Share Your Work! Facebook page!

And if you’re not sure how to do a One Liner, I have a Drawing Blast mini class with a video demonstration! Sign up HERE. Free!