Hi everyone!

I hope you are well and hanging in there!

Here in Washington state we continue with our stay-at-home orders through the end of May. Steve and I are coping with lots of walks, lots of art and lots of naps!

In our cabin-fever-zoom-call world, like everyone else, we were trying to think of something new and different to do creative-wise. We’ve been working with Kara this past month on our Words and Pictures class and together came up with the idea of having a film festival for low-tech animations that anyone can make on their kitchen table.

Making your art move is an amazing way to tell a little story, express a thought, or just make something wiggle around. It’s wonderful to move our hands in a different way and a great project to do with friends and family.

So we are “rerunning” Kara’s Make It Move class where she teaches us how to make little animations from our drawings and collage bits and pieces and at the end of the class everyone can submit their favorite piece that they made and we will present them all in a live-stream event with awards and prizes for all.

Here’s a mini animation I made from her lessons… it’s almost addictive!



So if you need a break from zoom calls and want something really new and fun to do with your family, make a short animated film!

Class Dates: May 12-22, 2020

Film Festival Date: May 30, 2020

Cost: $35

Click HERE for more information (and even if you can’t join the class or make your own animation, we hope you will join us for the live screened film festival on May 30th)!