Hi everyone,

Steve and I want you to know that events of the past week have affected both of us deeply… we could barely keep it together to be honest. We have been humbled and I feel completely inadequate to even attempt to write an email about race. We have so much to learn.

What we do know right now is that we are complicit in the marginalization of black people in our culture. There are many other forms of social injustice in our world, but this is what we need to talk about right now.

Our minds have been spinning with all the things we could do, how we need to change, and all the projects we could start, but we keep hearing that the thing we most need to do is to stop and listen. If you are feeling overwhelmed or paralyzed like we are, we encourage you to do the same and take a breath.

In the meantime, two concrete things we will be doing for sure: Donating money and seeking out black artists to be part of our classes.

This is a start,

Carla and Steve

P.S. We are a community, so please share any resources that you have found with me and others! My daughter-in-law sent me a Facebook post from Shonda Rhimes, which I love:

some are posting on social media
some are protesting in the streets
some are donating silently
some are educating themselves
some are having tough conversations with friends and family
a revolution has many lanes — be kind to yourself and others who are traveling in the same direction.

just keep your foot on the gas.
— Shonda Rhimesshondarhimes