It’s August 9th again!

Yesterday Steve and I got some boxes out of storage and I’ve been slowly sorting through them. I wanted to share this image I found with you.

It’s one of the first illustrations I did as an adult (I was 29). At the time I was working as a graphic design assistant in Illinois, and on my break one day started a portrait of our little family using Adobe Illustrator. I got so into it that I asked if I could take a “vacation day” and spent the rest of my work day (unpaid) finishing this illustration.

My boss at the time, Kathy Lay Burrows, took a look over my shoulder late in the afternoon when I was nearly done. She smiled, and said: “It’s too perfect and that’s all I’m going to say about it!” She ambled away chuckling, leaving me to figure out what she meant.

It took me a minute before I understood what I needed to do: muss up Batman’s hair and untie one of his shoelaces, making him a bit more human (since he really was my four-year-old son Christer and not a real superhero).



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