Hi everyone!

Our annual August online class sale ended yesterday and Steve and I want to thank everyone who bought a class! We appreciate you so much.

I have been wanting to add daily weekday blog posting to my job description, and today was going to be the first day. I had plans!

But I did something to my back yesterday morning — I’m pretty sure I strained it while loading the dishwasher, so I won’t be doing that anymore — and my time in front of the computer and/or drawing table has been limited the past two days. At least I’ve caught up on my sleep!

I had really wanted to post some new work but instead am sharing another elephant from a few years ago that you might not have seen… I think it only exists as a scan, as I was moving all of the parts around and then tacking the pieces down temporarily for some reason.


So now I’m going to ice my back again and hopefully by tomorrow I can begin for real.