Anita’s new class begins tomorrow!

Hi everyone!

I wanted to remind you that our new online class — Watercolor Workshop with Anita Lehmann— starts Tuesday, September 15th!

Here are the top five reasons I’m planning to take this class myself!

1. I want to get more vibrant colors in watercolor.

2. I love Anita’s artwork.

3. I want to get a better handle on wet-on-wet technique.

4. I’ve always been fuzzy about the difference between warm blues and cool blues, warm reds and cool reds, etc. 

5. Painting Clouds! 

And there’s more… Won’t you join me?

Watercolor Workshop is a must-have for your toolbox. The class runs over three weeks (recorded with forever access) and is still 15% off. Click HERE to learn more.


P.S. We still have some scholarships available… email Steve at for more info.