Hi everyone!

My friend Melinda Tidwell has taught two classes with us, the popular How to Make Abstract Art that Works and Fine Art Collage! She reached out recently to tell me about a recent show and also a free webinar she is hosting on Thursday!

Shortest Interview Ever
with Melinda!

Q: Tell us about your webinar!

A: The purpose of the webinar is to teach artists what I use as guiding principles for developing abstract compositions. I was so lost when I began making abstract work, that I have always wished these kinds of resources were available. If people want to follow this path further, they can take the course we did together “How to Make Abstract Art that Works”,  or if they are wanting to study it with even more vigor, our Abstract Art – The Deep Dive, a 6-week course, is beginning April 1 in Yum City.

Q: Tell us about your show!

A: I had a group of 9″x12″ collages on panel that i sent the Gail Severn Gallery in Ketchum, ID. Working on panel has resulted in much more layered work which I really enjoyed making—- though they went through many iterations.

So check out the webinar and show! Congratulations, Melinda!