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When making art, I am always looking for projects and exercises that allow me to get out of my own way in order to keep my work fresh, spontaneous, and “mine.” And this last month I have been working on a “Seeded Notebook” which is a project created by one of my favorite illustrators, Henrik Drescher, to help us do that. 

We recently filmed a class with Henrik and I started my book the day after he left. I have worked on it slowly… there is no pressure to rush through these pages… I add something, take something away, cover things over a period of days or weeks. Henrik feels that his artwork is never finished (unless it is published or sold), and that simple idea — that any given piece is always in process — has really freed me up to just try stuff!

Henrik describes a Seeded Notebook like this: Imagine someone takes all your work, mixes it up in a blender and then serves it to you and says: “Look at that, look at how these two things go together, look at these new possibilities!” For him, this is literally how he comes up with new ideas. The process is random, but it is all based on your own art, and I found it to be a great way to break me out of my normal style and habits, and it was so fun! 

Here is a page from my Seeded Notebook:

Henrik Drescher is someone I have always been inspired by and we were honored to have him here to film this new class. He has produced 50+ illustrated books, including “The Boy Who Ate Around,” which was chosen as a New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Book of 1994 (and was our son Christer’s favorite book as a six-year old!).

Henrik does everything from children’s books to editorial illustration to painting, and has lived all over the world (check out: China Days). Here are a few of Henrik’s works that I just love (and you can see more at his website HERE).

Just a few of his children’s books!

I know I always says this but I hope you can join us for Seeded Notebook, this new class with Henrik Drescher!!


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New Class begins June 8th
Seeded Notebook with Henrik Drescher
6 Lessons • On sale for $72.25

In this class we’re going to build a ‘Seeded’ Notebook,’ which is a handmade book
that you create by using your own drawings and flotsam and jetsam that you collect.
We start with large sheets of randomly collaged paper, cut them up, bind them and then “work into”
each spread with mixed media. The result is random, fun, and magical —and will reveal
a fresh way to see your own work. For Henrik, this process is at the heart of all his new projects and books.
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