“Stickers” inspired by Starheadboy’s Lesson 1 of 2022 Carla’s Yearlong Class.

All in all, 2021 was a bit of a bumpy road for Steve and me, both physically and mentally. That’s okay, we all have those! But the loopy year nudged me to slow down in 2022 and try to reconnect with my artwork for its own sake a little bit more. I can already feel a renewed excitement!

AND… I get to learn this year from the 12 artists that are part of the yearlong class, and do the lessons myself in order to respond to them in preparation for our Zoom sessions.

Last night I made this batch of stickers a la Starheadboy, our Lesson 1 artist. His lesson was wonderful, I thought… very encouraging and full of wisdom… and, well, stickers!

When Steve placed Starheadboy’s sticker on our neighborhood mailbox to take this photo, he came back in with the biggest grin on his face! “It brightens up the street!” he exclaimed.

We also got a lesson on Starheadboy’s unique way of painting in acrylics.

Here is more artwork from Starheadboy, and you can see more here and here.

Thank you for a great lesson, Starheadboy!