Dear Carla,

Hi! I want to try your classes but I’m feeling intimidated because I don’t know how draw at all. Which of your classes would you recommend for a beginner? I was looking into “drawing workshop” and “sketching” but I’m not sure if those are for beginners. Thank you! —Julie

Hi Julie

Thank you so much for your email!

So many of our classes are great for people who are new to drawing! It’s our hope that some of these classes allow you to really embrace drawing as something fun to do and that the results can sometimes make us laugh, sometimes not, but it’s always exciting to “see what happens!”

Here are the teachers that have drawing classes or there is a lot of drawing involved, and I’ve put them in order of “less traditional” to “more traditional.” It really depends on your learning style and you can’t go wrong I don’t think with any of them.






I would recommend picking a class that seems most FUN to you… and I recommend this in all seriousness. Choose something that seems like it would be fun to do, not what you think you “should” do first. It will all come in time. 

But which class or teacher gives your stomach a little ping of excitement? That’s the one to start with, I think.

Good luck to you!! Write back if needed…



NOTE: I wanted to start sharing some of the questions and answers I get. 😀