Creative Video Shorts around the Web


Though sometimes a sitcom is exactly what’s needed, I’ve been wanting to substitute my television watching with creative video shorts. I’ll share them all here as I watch them (the good, the bad and the mediocre). Will try to update daily. (Suggestions welcome!)

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With a Full Day’s Supply of Vitamin Torture Porn (2:25)
Only one orange was harmed in the making of this video short. Director of photography: Will Sonheim (my nephew!).

Interview with a very young Maurice Sendak (7:33)
Wonderful… got to see his original “dummy” for “Where the Wild Things Are.” Awesome.

Art Saves Me by Misty Mawn (3:47)
Lovely little video/art piece by Misty, an essay of sorts of why she must create.

Film de Cube (1:27)
Incredible little art animation.
Address is Approximate (2:43)
Google Street View stop motion animation short made as a personal project by director Tom Jenkins. (Cute.)

CROC//EXILE (3.30)
Animation. Creator Reza Iman writes, “i made this film for my last year at school, i ended up being in a position where i had just a week and a half to make this thing. once i handed it in for the deadline i felt like it would be best to keep it untouched and move forward, haha okay have fun watching it.”

[Funny] Larva Part 9.1 (2:04)
Last night I was sitting with my little friend Olivia, age 4, and she was watching these cartoons on an iPad. The series is a cross between “Veggie Tales” and the fictional “The Itchy and Scratchy Show” from “The Simpsons.” I’m not sure what I think exactly but I found myself riveted just as Olivia was. Warning: This one has “farting” humor.

Husbands – “You, Me, Cellphones” (3:41)
Quirky and strange; I used to know some synchronized swimmers in high school so it was fun for me to watch.

Building C Presents: Diane Culhane (2:35)
Brief conversation with West Seattle artist and art educator Diane Culhane at her Building C loft studio in Ballard. Diane is going to be teaching an online class through this site in July… details forthcoming July 1, 2013.

Symmetry (2:53)
Cool little short made by Everynone (in collaboration with WNYC – Radiolab).

Yawns (1:27)
Video by Everynone made from finding clips found on the web.

Beauty (5:16)
Painter Melanie Norris shares her passion for finding beauty in people that others may have overlooked.

Imagination (2:29)
Young artist Taylor talks about creativity, motivation and her hopes for the future… part of a Vimeo series, “Making Art.”

Valgeir Sigurosson – Between Monuments (5:12)
Loved the art and fascinating animation style.

Salt & Pepper (4:16)
Touching short story documentary by Keith Rivers about 2,000 salt & pepper shakers and the family that collected them.


Red – Animation (2:33)
An unusual remake of Little Red Riding Hood. This story about a boy wolf, who is in love with Little Red Riding Hood. Liked it.

The Runaway (10:45)
A film by Victor Carrey with English subtitles; 77 awards… worth the time, loved it.

Acrylic Colour Bias – (2:36)
Cool. Will be looking further at his videos. (Recommended by Sasha.)

Quentin Blake: 10 Minutes of Illustration (11:49)
There are a lot of videos on this site and I’ve just seen this one so far, but plan to watch more. It’s great to see him draw and paint (loose hand!). Also, he’s charming. (Recommended by Sasha.)

Best motivational video ever for creative people and startups (3:34)
Well, I’m not sure if it’s the “best” — haha — but the message is sound.

The Dot (3:46)
Cute children’s story (recommended by Astrid).

On Departure (5:19)
An animation which “attempts to express a personal journey centred around the loss of my younger brother Emmet” by Eoin Duffy.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (15:07)
This short film won an Oscar last year (2012). Sweet and heart-rending.  (Recommended by Carol.)

Pussy People (5:09)
Mini docu-style, British, funny. My mom is a cat person and took me to a cat show once — I’ve never met such strange people in my life! This reminded me of that…

Goldfish Salvation  (4:49)
Artist Riusuke Fukahori. Mini intro to this artist, music only, cool! (Video quality not so great.) (Recommended by Martina.)

The Beatles’ Rooftop Concert in 1969 (21:47)
Was reading James Alchuther’s e-book, “Choose Yourself,” where he has a chapter about this last concert. Had to look it up!

Over You (4:30)
A story is about a friendship between a deer and a little ghost girl. Sweet and contemporary animation.

High Diving Giraffes (5:27)
Giraffe animated short from Cube Creative. A must see.

4 thoughts on “Creative Video Shorts around the Web”

  1. Thanks Carla! This is a great idea!

  2. Love your idea!

  3. Brilliant! And Thank you. ❤

  4. Watched a couple of these. They were very entertaining! Thanks for sharing these!

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