“Friends of Fairy Tales”


Following is a list of blogs (people!) who have helped spread the word about “2014: Year of the Fairy Tale” online art class. Thank you so very much to each of you!!



Rae Gun Ramblings

A Geek in Glasses

Today’s Creative Blog


Aina Amengual – Acuarela Botanica

All Things Paper

Niya Christine – Story Paintings

Drawn from a Nearby Planet

Alarmcat Studio

Wildly Inspired

Julie Howell Illustration

The Art of Cat

Dances with Wool

Ramblings of a Grandma

Artful Affirmations

Lizzie’s Beautiful Art

I still believe in 398.2

The Little Yellow Studio

Hvitar Rosir

The Summers on 49th Street

Finding Home: A Creative Journey

Bell Street Journal

Squawk That

Jazzgoil Ink

My Art Journal (Diane Salter)


The Storybeader’s Journal: Stroll Through Storyland

Angela Branon: A Lady’s Home Journals

Tam’s Art in Flight

Creative Art Journal

Sweet Repeats

Throwing Sticks

Creative Frenzy

Art by Iumyko

Credmayne Painting Blog

Cindy Kay Carpenter

Tiffany Seiler Art

Blissful Pumpkin

April Cole’s Studio

Rising in Art, Life, Love, etc.

Anjas Artefaktotum

Carol Gourley

Cloudmongers and Soup

6 thoughts on ““Friends of Fairy Tales””

  1. Looking forward to more creative fun!

  2. Hi Carla, I put your class button on my blog too. I am so looking forward to the fun!!!

  3. thanks for putting a link to my blog. Look forward to knowing everyone by year’s end. {:-Deb

  4. I finally got my button and the link on my blog to the main website. My blog URL is http://www.eunnerstall.typepad.com and the title is “I still believe in 398.2!” Thanks, Libby U

  5. I tried putting the button on my blog : http://sociaalondernemer.blogspot.nl/
    Unfortunately I can’t seem to get it to work. So for now I have just put a little text about the course at the top of my blog. Will try some more in a few days. bye Corinne

  6. Hi Carla! I’ve had your blog button up since the beginning of class but don’t see my blog listed here (no worries). You can view my blog here: http://www.karenkaydotme.blogspot.com

    Thank you for another wonderful class!

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