Shampoo Story

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Shampoo Story

I’ve had gray hair since my 30s. I had dark hair, and the gray started with a white streak:


As the years passed I got grayer and grayer, and I got used to looking a tad older than I think I really am.

But about six months ago I looked in the mirror and wondered why there was this weird YELLOW streak in the front. I complained about it to my friend Kathie Vezzani, who said, “There’s a rinse for that you know.”

I didn’t know.

So I did some research and found several non-yellowing shampoo candidates. I picked one, bought it, and it was delivered a week later.

After the 1st washing I saw no difference and wondered if I had just spent $50 on a bottle of shampoo for no reason.

After the 5th washing I still saw no difference and I suspected I had indeed spent $50 on shampoo for nothing.

After the 10th washing and still no change, I knew for sure that I had spent $50 for regular old shampoo, had been scammed, and, being too lazy to complain and/or send it back, just continued to use it.

It’s been six months, and today I noticed that the yellow streak is almost completely gone:


The improvement was so slow that I couldn’t see it day by day!

So…… if you ever get frustrated that you don’t seem to be improving at drawing, painting, writing, running, meditation or whatever it is that you are working on, just remember it is probably working, and you just can’t see it yet.


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Tamara Laporte’s New Book: “Ever After” Giveaway!


Hi everyone!

A few weeks ago my friend Tam Laporte asked me to be a part of her blog hop celebrating the release of her new book, “Ever After: Create Fairy Tale-Inspired Mixed-Media Art Projects to Develop Your Personal Artistic Style!

I really admire Tam and over the years I’ve been able to work with her on several collaborations, including both her “Lifebook” and “Ever After” online classes.

I really enjoyed spending time with “Ever After,” and especially appreciate Tam’s insights about developing our personal styles (which she weaves throughout the whole book). In addition, Tam walks us step-by-step through her process of creating eight Fairy Tale paintings in her style, and there are an additional eight paintings created by some wonderful guest artists.

If you would like to win a copy of this book, please comment on THIS POST here at the blog! Let’s have some fun… please tell us in your comment which fairy tale character you identify with the most today. 😀 I’ll randomly pick a winner on Wednesday, August 21st. The winner is Meenohara… “Alice!” Thank you everyone who entered!

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I Remember…2

I remember liver and onions.

I remember chicken and dumplings.

I remember Twinkies.

I remember Dittos, the pants we all wore in middle school. Dozens of 12-year-old girls with upside-down “U’s” on their bottoms! Colors: baby blue, pink, lemon yellow, seagreen. Mine? Always too short.

I remember trying to get my hair to feather like Farrah Fawcett’s.

I remember finding my dog, Sarah, in the pitch dark outside of our house. I called for her, then followed the rope with my hands from the tree where it was tied. I ran my hands all the way up to the top of the fence, then felt the weight of her body. She had hung herself.

I remember my mother letting my sister and I stay home from school the next day.

I remember my friend Kim rolling her eyes when she found out I had missed school because my dog had died. “You don’t know how I feel!” I shrieked, screamed. She reminded me that she did know. Her mother had died, remember?


Written as an assignment for an online writing class I’m taking, a five-minute exercise in the style of writer Joe Brainard‘s well-known essay, “I Remember.”

I Remember…

This summer I’m taking an online writing class (Crafting the Braided & Collage Essay) and an in-person comics class at Hugo House… and I combined assignments from the two classes when I made this comic for the comics class ” ‘zine!”


I also roughed this one while sitting in class, my version of the fable “The Fox, the Crow, and the Cheese.”

comic (4)

Have a great day!


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Grumpy Cats by 2nd Graders + a Podcast!

Steve and I took a very quick trip to Denver this past weekend for a funeral. On the last night we went for ice cream at Scrumptious in Arvada with my brother and sister-in-law, and I spotted the following cat portraits from across the room. I loved them, and wondered if, perhaps, I could find out the name of the artist… maybe I could buy one? Or maybe they could teach an online class?

And they were done by 2nd graders!

Of course!!

I don’t know the name of the school or the artists… I hope they won’t mind me posting these inspiring works!











And… if you have some time to listen to a long talk, I was a guest on The Artist APPEALS Podcast! Thank you, Erin (the host) for such a fun talk!

I hope you have a wonderful week! xoxo

Five Faces

Five Faces I saw yesterday:

  1. My own, in the mirror. When did that dark spot appear?
  2. My husband’s, as he drove us to our respective appointments. His profile hasn’t changed in the nearly 30 years I’ve known him, except for a slight sag of skin under his chin. Still cute.
  3. Wes’s. Our 24-year-old son is living with us this summer with the mission to archive and organize my artwork (and other stuff). I remember the confused (bemused?) expression on his face as we pass him once, then twice, then a third time trying to find a safe spot to pull over and pick him up.
  4. Our other son’s female sugar glider,* Nimueh, “shouting” at me as I tried to say hello.
  5. The male sugar glider, Emeriss, aka Mr. Chubby Face.


*If you don’t know what a sugar glider is, see here!

The above video was one of our 365 Daily Creativity Prompts from last year. I enjoyed making the animation with charcoal and an eraser.

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Have a great day!


Hi everyone!

I want to introduce you to my oldest son, Christer. He is the dad of my three grandchildren and a high school teacher (social studies, P.E.) at Seattle Lutheran High School.


During his summer break he has been working on creating an Amazon t-shirt site! I am his first “licensed” artist, and he has created 12 designs… one is our logo, the “hippo frog,” and the other 11 have some of my girls designs!

So if you’re in the market for a t-shirt, please take a look! 😉


mockup-of-a-mom-and-her-baby-girl-wearing-t-shirts-and-pink-skirts-26495 copy


He named his company SparkleBearCo. 😀


Thank you for looking!






How to Give Up Coffee for Good



I’ve been a coffee drinker for over 20 years, and have tried many times to let it go. But this time I’ve finally done it, and I wanted to share how with you!

It takes just 7 days!

Day 1
Let your “good” coffee run out and use the backup coffee your son Wes bought. Drink a little, gag a little, set aside after just half a cup.

Day 2
Plunge into a really deep depression. One that keeps you in bed most of the day and away from the grocery store. (There is no way I was going to get to the grocery store — you needn’t either.) Contemplate the bad coffee and take an Advil instead.

Day 3
Feel better! And notice that you have only had 1/2 cup of coffee the last two days! Celebrate by going out for breakfast (who are we kidding — lunch) and order iced tea instead of coffee… a little caffeine “bump” to keep the headache away!

Day 4
Dust off your Ben Franklin Tea-Bag Ceramic Jar that your very young granddaughter picked out for you as a special present and retrieve a 2-year-old England Breakfast tea bag. Boil water; have two cups.

Dav 5
Repeat Day 4.

Day 6
Repeat Day 5.

Day 7
Write a blog post sharing your success with the world!!

In-Person Art Retreat in 2020!

Mixed-Media Collage Class Sample

Hi everyone!

I am excited to announce that I am teaching at a NEW (in-person) art retreat next summer! Kathie Vezzani of Bellissima Art Escapes has created Islandwood Art Escape, a 3-day event August 12-16, 2020 in Bainbridge Island, just a short ferry ride from downtown Seattle.

I’ve taught several workshops with Kathie and she is an amazing organizer… I appreciate so much her thoughtful attention to all the details — food, gifts, special events.

I am teaching a one-day Mixed-Media Collage class… here is the formal class description:

Get ready for a full day of mixed-media exploration, techniques and fun! In the morning we’ll make some grid collages, people collages, and moon-paper transparency collages. In the afternoon we will go larger and make a “scraped” animal collage and a more elaborate landscape illustration, complete with sidewalk-crack characters.

We will work with vintage and found papers, hand-painted paper, “moon” paper/transparencies, drawings, photocopies, “tape texture pulls” and more!

• • •

In addition to teaching, I’m also going to be the opening night SPEAKER! 😉

I am also so happy to announce that Lendon Noe and Cori Dantini, two of our online instructors, will also be teaching workshops.

Won’t you come and meet all of us? Click HERE for more information, and thank you to Kathie Vezzani again for the invitation to teach!

IslandWood on Bainbridge Island — our beautiful venue!