Hi everyone!

I was lucky to spend a few hours last Saturday at the studio of Seattle Artist Anita Lehmann… Anita donated her time and the proceeds of the class went to the Seattle Architecture Foundation.

Six of us spent 3+ hours making monotypes. I love Monotypes! That day I tried to focus on abstraction and composition.

The first one (above) came really fast and was animal-like, but then I got bogged down in my head and it took another hour before I was able to print again. So weird, we are! Anyway, toward the end of our time I did these three.






Thank you, Anita, for a wonderful class!

P.S. Don’t forget that Kids Art Week 2018 begins Monday, July 23rd! Click HERE for more information and to sign up… it’s FREE!


Encourage One Another

I have a long-time writer friend, Wendy Murray, who has a Patreon where she publishes short devotions three times per week. Monday’s posting was titled “Encourage One Another,” and was particularly moving, and I wanted to share it with you!


Wendy’s Reflection

In this post I have used a photo of a poppy I took several summers ago when I worked for a season in a wealthy woman’s extravagant formal gardens. The gardens were vast, manicured, and filled with innumerable varieties of flowers, shrubs and trees. Yet, despite the extravagance of the garden, the essence of it still came down to the delicate petals of each plant. The petals of the poppy, pictured above, are more delicate than crepe paper. Yet they carry the morning dew and open wide to catch the life given from the sun. It is a picture of the human soul, I think. Our lives are short (on the landscape of eternity), and yet while we have life we each are given a purpose. Until we find that holy purpose, we are only half-way there, as suggested by George MacDonald’s words about uniting human will with God’s will. So I defer to the encouragement of the opening Scripture verse exhorting us to encourage one another as long as it is day. For our days are short and the petals of our lives are fragile. They need the warmth of the sun to rise to a full bloom. 

This reflection almost made me cry. We are here such a short time.
Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me over the years. I am so grateful to you.




I have been trying to organize and get rid of (ha!) some collage paper. (I laugh because I’ve gotten rid of almost nothing.) Then I got excited about making a 365 exercise out of some of the small scraps. Above was the first.

Here’s how the second turned out:


I liked it possibly better at an earlier itineration, so when I scanned it in I digitally took out the things added that I thought I didn’t like:


Now, not so sure if the earlier version was better.

And here’s a third one:


I hope you have a great weekend!



I’ve been quiet, we’ve been busy! We moved June 1st and barely got unpacked when the three grandkids came to stay with us for the better part of a week. Three under 6 … we were exhausted! But a lot of fun was had by all, too.

The above horse is a collaboration with Ellie (3.5) and below is Liam’s dancing bird (6.5):


Ethan (5) made a bunch of butterflies, but took them home!

Liam also asked if he could use my typewriter. I almost said no because there is always frustration due to it being old and not working right. But I said yes, and look what he typed:


I am the luckiest person alive.

Y is for Yellow (Summer!)


I am re-running “Y is for Yellow” over the summer (June 22 – August 3, 2018). This online class was originally a year-long class, with the end goal of working on and developing a cohesive series. As a shorter, summer program, I think participants can decide to approach it two ways:

Focus more on the series aspect of the class. Spend the six weeks going through the stages of researching & playing, resting, focusing & deciding, working (in tandem with a few others for support and accountability), and finishing!

Focus more on just playing in the studio with the drawing and mixed-media assignments.
There are 26 drawing assignments and 10 mixed-media assignments… so much content! But you are invited to pick and choose the assignments that speak to you the most and leave the rest for self-study later.

Here the eight mixed-media projects (following are screen shots from the lesson PDFs):

B is for Picasso Blue Period Paintings (watercolor and gel medium):


C is for Cut Contour Collages (mixed-media):


D is for Drybrush Dares (acrylic painting):


I is for Improv Paintings (mixed-media):


K is for Klee-Inspired Color Grid Paintings (layering in watercolor):


L is for Loose Landscapes (acrylic painting):


Q is for Quintessentially You (your choice of materials):


S is for Somewhat Surrealist (mixed-media painting):


T is for Taped, Textured Trees (mixed-media paintings):


Y is for Yellow Kitty (photograph and mixed-media):


I hope this gives you a good overview of what to expect this summer! Please consider joining the fun… great lessons for families, too! The cost is $99 and you will have forever access to the lessons; click HERE for details!

Y is for Yellow (Summer!) Open for Registration

Y is for Yellow (Summer!): A 26-Lesson Class
Instructor: Carla Sonheim
Drawing, Painting, Mixed-Media • $99
Class Dates: June 22 – August 3, 2018 



In 2016 we ran a year-long class titled “Y is for Yellow.” We are re-running the class over six weeks this summer, with the all of the videos for each original session dropped every other Friday… it is a lot of content! But by giving it to you all at once, you will be encouraged to pick and choose the lessons that are particularly interesting to you this summer, and leave the rest for later (you have forever access!).

Summer Schedule:

Lessons A – J
Friday, June 22, 2018
10 Drawing Assignments • 4 Mixed-Media Lessons

Friday, July 6, 2018
Lesson K – R
8 Drawing Assignment – 3 Mixed-Media Lessons

Friday, July 20, 2018
Lessons S – Z
8 Drawing Assignments – 3 Mixed -Media Lessons 

If you missed “Y is for Yellow” the first time, please join us now! (And if you have a busy summer, don’t worry! You can always do this as a self-study class.) If you previously signed up for “Y is for Yellow” and would like to join in this summer, email me and I will put you on the list.

Below is the original class description and video for this class! 

Thank you!


Welcome to my 2016 year-long online class:

“Y” is For Yellow!
(And no, we won’t paint everything yellow! 😀 )

In this class we will march through the alphabet as a fun way to move through our year (“P” is for Picasso! “C” is for Collage!), while tackling the more serious question,

“How do you create a body of work?”

As mixed-media artists we are always trying new media and experimenting with new techniques — which is awesome! But what can happen is we don’t take the time to focus long enough on the things we really love so that we can create a cohesive series that is uniquely ours.

I have found a lot of value working in series over the years; choosing and sticking with one media/subject matter for a period of time really has helped me… and I will share with you what I can about the process.

Are you ready to work hard in a fun environment? Let’s refine, focus, and create a body of work this year!



Praise for Y is for Yellow:

“In my opinion, you are a gifted instructor, who actually makes art fun, and I look forward to learning more from you.” — Jo

“Your style of teaching is warm, genuine and clear.” — Sheri

“Carla and her co-teachers inspire not just making art but also a sense of community among the students, of whom many have been making art for quite some time and others are new to it. This sense of community shows itself in the way everyone shares art — within a closed group on Facebook — and comments in a wonderful, supportive way.” — Corinne



For details, go HERE!