Countdown to 365


“Logic will get you from A-Z. 
Imagination will take you everywhere.”
— Albert Einstein


A few days before Christmas we wrapped up our 2016 year-long class, “Y is for Yellow.” An A-B-C class, “Z” was OBVIOUSLY for Zippered Zebra. ;D

I felt so sad the day after the last lesson went up! I met many wonderful people, and so much wonderful work came out of the class, too. Best of all, there was a close group dynamic at the Facebook group this year that I will really miss!

But, Steve and I are also truly very excited to produce the 2017 class: “365: Activate Your Art Brain (A Video Every Day).” – a year-long online class designed to encourage “that other” part of our brain that helps us grow and learn in all other aspects of life. Sometimes silly, sometimes more serious (but always fun!), these daily videos share the joy of imagination for students of all ages.

(And honestly? A video per day is very slightly crazy of us… but… Creativity IS Crazy!)

If you have already signed up, thank you! If you haven’t, please consider joining us… the cost is only $198 for a year’s worth of art (a little every day!). Click HERE for details.

See you soon!

(A quick video about “365”)

A “Guest” Reindeer Worksheet


I recently got an email from Nadia, an art teacher. She sent a fun holiday worksheet that she gives her students, and I wanted to share it with you, too.

Have a wonderful holiday and New Year celebration!




Nadia writes:

Around the holidays I enjoy making these activity sheets for my students.  Even my 8th graders love doing them. This year it was “Roll a Reindeer.”


Sometimes the hardest part about drawing is just starting (I believe Carla has said this in some of her online classes, and it’s so true!). I hear, “I don’t know how to start!”  from my art students frequently. Around the holidays I make these activity sheets to help them get started on their seasonal drawings.  Here’s how you use it:

1.  At the top of each column is a body part of the reindeer, something that might be around the reindeer, or the location of the reindeer. (In the location section one of the boxes says “Somewhere on Saipan”, this is the island where we live, so feel free to fill that in with your own hometown).

2.  Grab a die and roll, or if you’re without one, close your eyes and point to a box.

For example, if you’re choosing a box for the body of your Reindeer and you pick rectangular, that will be the general body shape of your reindeer. It doesn’t have to be exact, it can have rounded corners or pointy corners, but try to make it rectangular in some way!

3.  Roll your die again, but this time you’re rolling for the shape of the head. Keep doing this for each column and see what kind of reindeer you end up with.

*Kids often ask if they can reroll if they get a shape they don’t like. The answer is yes!  You may roll a shape and it doesn’t feel right to you, that is fine!  Just use this sheet as a rough guideline. Be sure to have fun and let yourself make some fun and silly reindeer.

**I also didn’t include facial features, fill those in how you like.

Here are a few examples of some of the works in progress that the kids and I did yesterday:


Click the link below for the worksheet for you to download, print, and play!



A quick worksheet reindeer drawing… thanks, Nadia!

2017 Year-Long Class Open for Registration!

Live by intuition and inspiration 
and let your whole life be Revelation.”
— Eileen Caddy

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Straight to your Inbox:
A Unique Video Every Day… Short & Sweet!

prompts to draw and paint

techniques to make your own

inspirations to energize

ideas to share

words to ponder

tunes to hum

snacks to eat

corn to husk

waves to surf

presents to open

hooks to bait

and, of course, exercises to get you going!






Like all our classes, our Online Community (via closed Facebook groups) will bring us together from around the world to where participants from all over the world share their work, their thoughts, and encourage each other.

We will be reaching out far and wide for Guest Artists to feature and provide prompts in music, writing, photographing, sewing, sculpture, storytelling… as well as drawing and painting!

This is a Choose Your Own Adventure class… you can try to do the prompts daily, you can pick and choose the ones that speak to you, or you can simply work the class on more of a “thinking level” in those times of the year when you get really busy!

And here are some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions!


You will need things to draw and write with, things to paint with, and things to take pictures with.

Plus, Your Art Brain.

And, your regular art supplies that you use every day.

You will also need a sketchbook or journal. (I have created one especially for the class which you can optionally purchase HERE!)


Please head on over to the website for more details! Cost is $198 for the whole year.



I have a lot of ideas, and I feel lately that they are all piling up and it’s time for me to sort through them and DO something with them!

Here is something I was playing around with this summer… journal musings on cheap-paper photocopies + watercolor, pencil, etc.










I hope your day today is panic-less!

Registration OPEN for Diane Culhane’s Remake of “Between Speech & Silence.”


Between Speech & Silence*
A 2-week class with Diane Culhane
4 lessons • $65
Class Dates: November 14-23, 2016

*NOTE: This class contains the same content as the original “Between Speech & Silence,” but has been re-filmed and updated.


Paul Klee described his art work as “taking a line for a walk.” Discover how to walk and run with line, shape, and color. The space “Between Speech and Silence” is the place of your inner knowing that expresses your creative voice. We will strive to access that special place and trust the creative impulses we find there.

Projects include step-by-step methods that will build skills, starting with line and collage and moving into acrylic paints. We will create three drawings, one large collage and two paintings using paper and wood boards. These four lessons are simple and complex at the same time, and the concepts can be used again and again in your creative path.

This class will feed you, fill you up, and leave you longing for more.


Class Outline

Lesson 1: “Taking a Line for a Walk”
Create three line drawings on craft/colored paper, adding color with colored pencils and finishing touches.

Lesson 2: Line & Collage
Create a collage with the first layer placed together like a puzzle on cardboard and a thick black line and covering spaces with gesso.

Lesson 3: Acrylic Paint & Collage — Start Two Paintings
Begin two paintings with a foundational color field on two boards approx. 9″x 12″ laying out the composition with mixing cool colors and warm colors. Using the image of a tree, we will mix colors for the trunk and add collage papers for the leaves.

Lesson 4:  Finish Your Paintings
Finish two paintings started in Lesson 3. Add and mix layers of color, looking at value. Explore line with a script brush, adding details and figures to complete the visual story.






For details and to sign up, click HERE!

Three Things!


1. Intro to Encaustic Painting – Repeat class begins Tuesday, October 18th! With 12 lessons over 4 weeks, this is a great class for anyone who would like to paint with wax. (Above is a little tester I tried out at instructor Stephanie Hargrave’s studio awhile back… wax is so totally fun to work with!) Please join us (and if you have previously purchased “Intro to Encaustic Painting,” you can join the live class at no additional cost).


2. You might remember that I recently took a wonderful painting workshop with Emily Ball. Emily and a team of tutors teach super enticing in-person workshops at the Seawhite Studio in West Sussex, UK.

And you can WIN a class! Emily writes, “Who is your favourite Mixed Media artist? Tell us and you could be in with a chance of winning a place on Paper and Fabric, a 2 day short course at the Seawhite Studio, taking place on 27-28 February 2017 and tutored by the brilliant Helen Turner.”

HERE is the Facebook link where you can enter to win… hurray, I think there is only a few days left!


3. Finally, I wanted to share that artist Katherine Dunn (a wonderful illustrator and storyteller) has a new kickstarter project that looks wonderful. Katherine writes:

“Itty Bitty & Big Etta” is a love story, and a tale of acceptance, starring a 1# kitten…with wings. She reminds us all that no matter the consequences, we must be true to our core and spirit. What a great role model she is for all of us, no mater what our age. Fully illustrated by Katherine Dunn of Apifera Farm [author of three other books], you can see an animated video about the book at the  Kickstarter campaign page which is now underway at

I ordered a copy and can’t wait to receive mine!


Two NEW Classes with Dar Hosta James!

Paper Love: Two Classes!

Hand-Painted Paper
1-Week Class
3 Lessons; $35
Class Dates: November 1-4, 2016

Cut Paper Collage
2-Week Class
6 Lessons; $85
Class Dates: November 8-18, 2016


Class #1: Hand-Painted Paper

Create a rainbow of your very own hand-painted papers! Join collage artist Dar Hosta James for a playful exploration of color, pattern and texture using a variety of techniques to produce beautiful, decorative papers that can be used in cut-paper collage as well as other projects that call for special, decorative paper. We will experiment with layers of paint using found objects, spattering, dripping and more as we work in color families. You will paint on Yasutomo Kozo paper and finish with a collection of at least 20 sheets of gorgeous—and very personal— pieces of hand-painted paper, as well as a toolbox full of paper-painting techniques to mix and match.



Class #2: Cut Paper Collage

Shapes, shapes, shapes! The whole world is made up of simple but beautiful shapes! In this six-lesson course, participants will use their personal stash of collage papers (or, for those of those who took “Hand-Painted Paper,” their newly finished collection) to create a variety of playful collage compositions including buildings and architecture, floral, botanical, insect and animal. Learn Dar’s favorite and unexpected adhesive technique, which allows you to bring detail and delicacy into your cut paper work, as well as her final, detail technique which will literally “light up” your collage!

Go to the website for more details! Click HERE.

Some samples!
The first class begins November 1st… I hope you can Join us!