Liam & the Funny Guy


Liam’s turn! 

The above drawing is by my oldest grandson, Liam (6). I think the colors are fantastic and it is a good example of a symmetrical composition. For the most part, the piece is divided straight down the middle, with both sides of the axis mirroring each other.

(There are slight differences, such as the grey line extending down past the box on the left side. But that is balanced beautifully by the grey “bulb” on the right end of the middle horizontal line. And while the two red orbs are different sizes, the slightly brighter yellow rays coming out of the smaller one balances it out.)

I really love this drawing.

Here is a recent animal of mine:


Have a great day!

Registration is Now OPEN for Lynn Whipple’s New Class!


The Essence of Still Life
Drawing + Painting
Instructor: Lynn Whipple
Three-Week Class • 6 Lessons • $85

Class Dates: March 6-22, 2018

Quirky is okay!

In “The Essence of Still Life,” we’ll enjoy playing with new ways to depict a traditional subject matter, the still life, as we create fresh and contemporary paintings and drawings that are infused with the core essential qualities of our favorite objects. We will surround ourselves the with wonderful things that we have collected throughout the years and the simple things that add a special spark to our everyday.

In this artful exploration, we will create three 12″x12″ paintings and one 16″x16″ painting on wood panel, starting each lesson with with a quick drawing exercise. Charming line, interesting shapes, new ways to create, cover and uncover color, abstraction, mark making and poetic editing are a few of the key elements we will explore in this class.

The best part is that we will have fun as we share our discoveries together in our special “Essence” community! I hope you will join us! I can’t wait to see what you will create!!

All my best!


For a list of supplies needed, click HERE.

Click HERE for details and to sign up!



Ethan & the Pony


My grandson Ethan (almost 5) was here for a few hours this afternoon. After he ate two snacks, watched two tv episodes, and tried to get Grandpa to play with him, he finally decided to sit down with me and draw.

Ethan is a wonderful artist. He really likes drawing (as long as eating, television, and Grandpa are off the table), and he particularly likes to use the bold acrylic paint pens.

The above drawing has some great design elements. He started off with a big red spiral which you can see peeking through and ties the whole thing together. He naturally moved the other colors around the piece to keep our eyes moving, and he varied the size and density of his marks (especially the gray). He even used two similar, but different, colors of pink, which makes it fun to look at.

I really love this drawing.

My pony truly pales in comparison, but… ah well!horsecollage




I’ve just started reading James Thurber’s The Thirteen Clocks and laughed out loud at the following from his forward:

I wrote The Thirteen Clocks in Bermuda, where I had gone to finish another book. The shift to this one was an example of escapism and self-indulgence. Unless modern Man wanders down these byways occasionally, I do not see how he can hope to preserve his sanity.

So go ahead! Escape and self-indulge today in the name of sanity!




Lendon Noe’s NEW Class is Open for Registration!

The charming Lendon Noe has a new class! I hope you can join us!


Inspired by Lives & Letters
Instructor: Lendon Noe
3-Week Class • 6 Lessons • $85
Class Dates: February 13- March 1, 2018

As artists we are always looking for inspiration. What’s my next project going to be? What is it that I am trying to say with my artwork?

Rather than just wait in hopes of a muse, I often go looking!

One of my sources for inspiration has been in the lives as revealed in the letters of my favorite poets and authors, and in this class I would like to share some of my approaches  with you.

It’s not unlike a treasure hunt. A little bit of reading, an interest is sparked, one clue leads to the next, and before you know it you have a whole series of work!

Letters (as in correspondence between two people) will be an underlying theme. We will look at some of my favorites: the Master Letters of Emily Dickinson, Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet and Letters to a Young Painter. We will give a nod to Nick Bantok and his Griffen and Sabine series.  And then John Berger’s correspondence with John Christie, and I have some personal letters that are real treasures and I bet you do, too.

We will be working relatively small, usually no bigger than 9″x 12″. In fact, 4″ squares will be another underlying theme. There will be lots of mixed media, ink, tissue and collage techniques, a plaster surface treatment and some optional sealing wax tips. You should come away with quite a few pieces of finished work, some of which could actually be mailed!

I am so looking forward to working with you.



Sign Up Today! For details, click HERE.


One Thing Leads to Another

Recently I’ve been working on those portraits with the collaged arms and hands (see the last post)… so I had out my oil pastel transfer sheet and watercolors.

One day I made this as a warmup:


That led to a few animals:



And then that led to some abstracted flowers:


Which led to these “cells.”


Then I went back and modified the animals for a 365 lesson:


And that led to these:


Which in a way, looks like these:




More People Portraits



Here are some collage/oil pastel/marker portraits from recent weeks. I love making them.

I wrote this on my Facebook feed a few days ago, but I want to thank you too, for being here. So many of you support what we do (or are trying to do) by taking our online classes, and we are so so grateful. Thank you!

In 2018 I hope to to write another book, something I’ve been trying to do for the past four years! This — along with the continuing of the 365 class with Steve and eight new classes in 2018 from our other teachers — will make 2018 a very busy year!

But I am among the lucky ones: I truly get to do the work I love (and I love it most of the time). Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


…. And the NEW 365 begins Friday if you haven’t had a chance to sign up yet! 😉