Registration Open for Fred Lisaius’ “Holiday Gift Paintings”

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“Holiday Gift Paintings”
with Fred Lisaius
A 3-Lesson, “Bite-Sized” Class

Class Dates: December 8-11, 2015


The holidays are approaching and there’s no better way to brighten someone’s season then with the gift of original art.

In this class Fred will walk you through three small acrylic paintings. Fred is known for his stunning acrylic paintings. Luckily for us, he’s a very generous artist and is happy to share his acrylic techniques with us!


Class Itinerary

Lesson 1
Supplies Overview & Paint the Backgrounds
Tuesday, December 8th

Lesson 2:
Masking Techniques
Wednesday, December 9th

Lesson 3:
Finishing the Paintings
Friday, December 11th



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fredheadFred Lisaius is a painter, sculptor, and a popular art teacher at Bellevue College, WA  (“Fred is perfect!”). Fred is represented by the Patricia Rovzar Gallery in Seattle, and his work is in many private and corporate collections. Fred recently had a show at the Bainbridge Island Art Museum.




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“Imaginary Creatures” Online Class Begins Tuesday


I’m getting ready to send out the email to those signed up for “Imaginary Animals,” which will include links to the blog and class Facebook pages.

This reminded me that I should remind you that class begins Tuesday, November 17th!

I love this “abstract-start” way of working and enjoyed revisiting the techniques when re-filming this favorite class.

Please join me! Details HERE.

Registration Open for an All-New “Imaginary Creatures”


Imaginary Creatures
Instructor: Carla Sonheim
A 4-Lesson, Two-Week Class (+ bonus video)
Drawing, painting, mixed-media • $65
Class Dates: November 17-27, 2015

Note: This is a remake of a class created in 2011. If you have previously taken Imaginary Animals, you can receive 25% off the price of this new class by going HERE. Thank you!



Create your own zoo of imaginary creatures from random watercolor marks!

This is one of my favorite classes to teach, as all the animals created are so unique and fun.

We will draw from life, from photos, and from our imaginations. Then you’ll learn no-fail watercolor tricks to create a series of your own imaginary creatures on paper. You’ll put the finishing touches on with pen, colored pencil, marker, collage, or whatever else the piece “needs.”

Also in each lesson “real” drawing exercises to help imbue personality and life into your imaginary animals.

Each lesson day you will receive a worksheet assignment, a drawing assignment, and a painting assignment.

Then, what to do with them? Besides framing, there will be a bonus video with holiday gift ideas of what to do with your unique creations.

Take this class if you love animals, want to learn more about watercolor and layering mixed-media, or just want to explore the “random” and “play” factor in drawing and painting.



icday5eagle copy



Your itinerary:

Lesson 1
Sidewalk Cracks, One-Liners, & Mini Blob Animals
Tuesday, November 17

Lesson 2
Wrong-Handed Drawings, Blind Contours, & Abstract Starts
Thursday, November 19

Lesson 3
From Photos, Contours, & Watercolor Layers
Tuesday, November 24

Lesson 4
Drawing Textures, Details & Shading, & Mini Blob Animals
Bonus Video! Five gift ideas to make from your animal characters.
Thursday, November 26


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Please join me! For more details and to sign up, go HERE.


Journal Diving: Take 2

catsstackedStacked Cats inspired by Alison O’Donoghue & Birds on Birds

I’ve been enjoying diving” into my old journals lately, looking for anything fun or helpful in a sea of nonsense and complaints.

Here’s Take 2!

* * *

I’m pretty sure no one has a harder time getting a clear thought out than I do.

* * *

On Elephants:

Elephants who wear black or not necessarily artists.

* * *

In other news, I still have crap all over my office.

in even more news, I still am unable to deal with it.

* * *

And I got in the habit of writing down 20 “ideas” a day:

1. Pillow Talk. Pillows that talk somehow. Better: Talks that pillow.

2. Sock Puppet Seminar

3. If you don’t know where you’re going, then you probably will get there a little late, that’s all. No biggie.

4. Whales have feelings, too.

5. Messiness for Neat Freaks

6. Candy Rappers

7. If toes can be pigs, well…

8. The Buck Stops Near

9. Plaid for Beginners

10. Chit Chatting for Introverts

11. The How of Drawing

12. Look, See, Draw

13. Bear Breasted

14. Bare Hug

15. Color is a Choice

16. Red Water Soluble Marker Day.

17. Graph Paper for Squares

18. Crowns and chewing gum don’t mix.

19. Clearn: to clear out and to clean simultaneously; “I would love to get my office clearned up.”

20. Tomorrow is another yesterday.


😀 Have a great day!

Teacher News!

I’m starting a new “column.” Once a month I hope to gather news from several of our instructors and share it with you here. They are all amazing and talented and fun and accomplished!


  1. Cat Bennett

Cat is interviewed in the current issue of Uppercase Magazine! Her work looks beautiful in this already extra-inspiring issue (check out the thumbnail spreads HERE)!

Cat is currently teaching a six-week sketchbook course, “Making Art a Practice” (which is going wonderfully, and of course you can still join in!). I’m thankful to Janine of Uppercase for featuring this class on her site HERE, too.

Congratulations, Cat!



2. Alison O’Donoghue

Please check out this adorable “blooper” from Alison’s upcoming class, “Bird on Birds in Acrylic Painting.” One person who saw it wrote that it was “THE BEST THING THEY HAD SEEN ALL WEEK!”

[Waiting while you watch…]

Isn’t Alison wonderful? Thank you, Alison, for giving us permission to post this and for being so cute and real!!

And don’t miss her FIRST online class, Birds on Birds, which begins this upcoming Tuesday, October 20, 2015. Please help spread the word to others, too. Sign up today!



3. Lynn Whipple

Here is Lynn Whipple (pink hat) with one of her good friends Heidi Behr at a recent art show in Florida… Lynn writes:

“Finally fall and a teensy bit cooler here in Florida, which means that it is ‘show season.’  I’ve been having a blast in the studio preparing for some upcoming exhibitions. I’ve been playing with paint and drawing with pastel and making a big glorious mess and some rather large paintings!! My focus was on one of my favorite subject’s… flowers! It is so much fun to layer and layer! I was inspired to play in this way by one of Carla’s recent Spark classes called Thinking Small – Going Big (so much goodness going on in Spark.) Thank you Carla!”

That’s super nice of Lynn to say, but I really can’t take ANY credit for the awesomeness of these paintings. Just LOOK!


Congratulations, Lynn!

And finally…


I was a dork didn’t provide a link to “Faces Mini” in the earlier post, so HERE it is (this is a re-filmed, shortened version of “Faces 101” … if you have previously taken “Faces 101” and would like to take this class at no additional cost, email me! carla[at] This is part of our Lunch Hour Art series of “bite-sized” classes and the first lesson goes live Tuesday, October 27th.


That’s all the news I know for now. Have a wonderful day, everyone!


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