Lynn Whipple: “Where Women Create” Giveaway


Hello! Lynn Whipple was in Seattle this past week filming her upcoming class (which will open for registration tonight!). Steve says it’s “the best Lynn Whipple class ever,” so get ready!!ūüėČ

Lynn shared the Winter 2016 issue of Where Women Create, where she was featured! Congratulations, Lynn!





We are giving away three copies of this issue of “Where Women Create!”¬†Just comment here by noon on Wednesday, February 3rd, and I will pick the winners randomly. International entries welcome.

(And please stay tuned for Lynn’s next new class details!!)

B is for Blue



The beginning of the year is always so busy as the year-long class gets the kinks worked out. But most of the signups have now come in, and I have two lessons under my belt, so just today I’m feeling I can begin to slow down/catch up!


These images are “distorted Master copies” of some of Picasso’s Blue Period paintings (“B” is for Blue).


I haven’t had much time to paint outside of the assignments, so¬†instead I’m sharing these!


The paintings copied are: “Woman with the Plumed Hair,” “Girl in a Chemise,”Woman with her Hair in a Small Bun (2),” and “Melancholy Woman.”


I hope you have a wonderful weekend and week ahead.


Registration Open for a NEW Class with Diane Culhane

For the Love of a Tree
Instructor: Diane Culhane
Drawing, Painting, Mixed-Media ‚ÄĘ $85¬†

Class Dates: February 9-19, 2016
For more details and to sign up, CLICK HERE!


‚ÄúFor the Love of a Tree” is dedicated to celebrating the glory of a tree; the beauty and the magnificence of the blessings they bestow ‚ÄĒ from oxygen, shelter, shade, nutritious food, and a home to many creatures.

Trees are a source of design and composition for the artist: leaves, seeds, branches, to fruits, nuts, etc. . . .¬† Trees give us¬†a bountiful¬†visual vocabulary¬†from which to¬†create paintings. It’s a set up for success.

We will begin by¬†exploring ‚ÄĒ Seeing- Looking – Feeling – and just being in the presence of trees.

From there we will begin addressing forms with line, color and value,¬†with¬†value being the most important component; pushing and pulling color. Exercises are guides to develop skill for the next steps in creating a 18‚ÄĚx18‚ÄĚ or 20‚ÄĚx 20‚ÄĚ completed painting. We will also have¬†conversations about problem solving and how to¬†face¬†the struggles we all encounter as artists.

As a tree reach and stretches for the sunlight, reach into your open blue sky of creativity . . .

Learn, Grow, Explore
Nurture your Art & Your Life.

Sign up today !

Much Love to you all,
Diane Culhane




Class Itinerary:

Lesson 1
Looking and synthesizing forms through drawing and creating inventive shapes.

Lesson 2
Begin work on our large painting. Cover large cradle board, layering with color and line.

Lesson 3
Use collage to explore a variety of forms, concentrating on size and value contrast, then translating these discoveries into small practice paintings on paper.

Lesson 4
Work with value: practice pushing and pulling space using warm and cool colors and compliments by painting on small cradle boards and then taking these concepts to our larger painting.

Lesson 5
Focus on our larger painting: add layers of paint, building volume, troubleshooting.

Lesson 6
Add details; from blurry into focus; finding the sweet spot, and how we finish.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _

For more details and to sign up, CLICK HERE!

A is for Animals


Acrylic and watercolor on paper… inspired by all of the ANIMALS I’m seeing this week at the Yellow class!

I really love Mondays. It’s the beginning of the work week… so full of possibilities! Also, I try to keep Mondays free of appointments or meetings or “shoulds”… just a whole, clear day to move quickly or slowly, whatever that Monday needs.

Happy Monday to you!


It’s All About Yellow


Hello everyone!

This is the week that “Y is for Yellow” launches… I’m a tad behind on emailing… if your request is urgent, please email me again and I will get back to you asap!

The above drawing was based on a childhood photograph. Can you guess which one is me?

I read this yesterday:

“I try to push ideas away, and the ones that will not leave me alone are the ones that end up happening.” ‚ÄĒ J.J. Abrams

One of the projects I’m going to try to complete this year is a sort of “visual story” based on photos and memories of my childhood…¬†it’s super scary! But the idea has been “hanging around” for long enough that I hope¬†to attend to it this year.

That’s it for now. Have a wonderful day!

P.S. The class codes for “Y is for Yellow” were sent out yesterday. If you have signed up for the class and didn’t receive it, email me! If you can, please include your receipt number so I can search more easily. Thank you!



Some Yellow Questions Answered

Hi Everyone!
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas (for those who celebrate), and are enjoying the holiday break (for those who have one)!
I am just back in the game today, as most of our guests have left and I’m able to get back to planning “Y is for Yellow.”
I feel like I should be trying to “sell it” more, though, as we are just 10 days out from the start date! But¬†this blog post is the best I can do before I get back to the fun stuff: drawing and painting and coming up with projects/assignments.ūüėÄ
Questions about the¬†“Y is for Yellow” Year-Long online class, starting January 8th!
Q: I’m not really an artist, just a mom of two boys and an idea of a children’s book that I would like to illustrate myself. I can’t say that I can’t draw at all. I can draw something. I just don’t do it regularly and most of the time it doesn’t turn out the way I thought it would. Do you think your course will benefit me or is it better to look for something simpler?

Also, could you, please, describe how time consuming the course is and what if I am very much behind the schedule?

A: Thank you for writing and for your interest in “Y is for Yellow“!
I feel like it will be a good class for you¬†‚ÄĒ¬†the drawing exercises I give are meant for all levels, and try to focus on how to find your WAY of drawing (which in your case might just be that things turn out differently than you think!)‚Ķ and there are plenty of new things to try in watercolor and mixed-media, too.
I think, just jump right in!
The amount of time needed for each lesson will change, as some lessons will include mixed-media lessons… so the longer ones might take 1.5 hours to do, and the shorter ones about 30 minutes… however, you can do much more than that if you decide to incorporate the drawing exercise into a daily practice, for example…
I guess what I’m saying is it is up to you how much time you want to spend on the lesson every two weeks… but the minimum would be 30-90 minutes every two weeks.
If you fall behind, please don’t worry! You can just pick up at that current lesson and continue on.

Q: [I am] wondering if it would be a good match for established artists who want some additional and diverse stuff to add to a licensing portfolio. 

A:¬†“Y is for Yellow‚ÄĚ will be part instructional and include 10-12 mixed-media assignments during the year, but participants will be encouraged to use their preferred media if desired, and can pick and choose which techniques to incorporate into their existing work.
There are also 26 drawing lessons, which will be related to the alphabet‚Ķ I might have you render a ‚Äúrhino using a ruler‚ÄĚ (R), or a ‚Äúportrait of Picasso‚ÄĚ (P) or ‚Äúcharcoal cats‚ÄĚ (C) or ‚Äúabstracted animals‚ÄĚ (A)‚Ķ I am hoping most of these will be an opportunity for artists to be creative with the prompts within their own style.
I think “Y is for Yellow” would be great for established artists (I kind of created it because working on my drawing and then building a body of work is what I want to do myself!).
Let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll try and answer… I want you to join me!ūüėČ