Happy Holidays PDF! Ornaments & Tags from Lynn & Carla


Happy Holidays from Lynn Whipple and Me (and “2015: Year of the Spark!“)

Click the images below and after about 15-30 seconds, a PDF will load in your browser window. Then, just print and use!

Here is my offering:


And Lynn’s!


We hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

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About “SPARK“:

Lynn Whipple and I are co-teaching a year-long online art/creativity class in 2015. The emphasis will be on creativity and FUN. 24 jam-packed lessons (2 per month, one each from Lynn and myself), and even some arty business conversations, too. For more information, go to www.yearofthespark.com. Sign up by December 31, 2014 and received two signed mini-prints!

“Fairyland” ‘Zine #2; “The Magic Horse”



Hello! Participants from this year’s year-long Fairy Tale class just finished a new ‘zine!

“A Magic Horse is magic because it can turn into a magic…







… and many more!

Here is the link to the collaborative ‘zine… thank you to everyone who participated!


And if you have trouble loading the above, here is smaller version:



Pom Pons a la Mandy Greer

December is here and in my studio that means making pom pons, apparently (see banner above)!
A few weeks ago I took a workshop from Seattle installation artist Mandy Greer. We crocheted a long garland with yarn and fabric, then started making pom pons to hang on it. For three hours a small group of us rolled and knotted yarn. And when I drove home afterwords I felt RIDICULOUSLY happy.
So happy!
Seattleites: Mandy is hosting some classes this month if you’re interested… and she’s having a studio sale this coming weekend!

Registration Now OPEN for “2015: Year of the Spark!”

sparklogo9 Hello, hello, hello! Registration is now open for the next year-long online class…

2015: Year of the SPARK!

… which I am excited to be co-teaching with the wonderful Lynn Whipple!

This class is about ART, and how we can infuse MORE of it into our lives…. More art, more creativity, more time, more inspiration, more motivation, and more FUN!


Lynn and I share a love of making art, moving our hands, and keeping things FUN. We believe that the more fun you have, the more open your mind is to creative solutions, which produces more authentic and imaginative art! We want to share what we know about being an artist, making art, living a creative life, and the business of art.  Two times a month (one each from Lynn and Carla) you will receive a video lesson + pdf which will include a short spark-your-art exercise (how do we make the time for creativity? How do we start?), as well as a longer, technique-based mixed-media project. In addition, Each month Lynn and I will take turns addressing some “business of art” topics, including applying to shows, galleries, publishing, teaching, and online selling.  funisgood2flat This year includes: • 24 VIDEO LESSONS (12 from Lynn, 12 from Carla) • 24 Spark-Your-Art CREATIVITY EXERCISES • 24 Mixed-Media PROJECTS/TECHNIQUES (throughout the year we’ll work with drawing, painting, watercolors, acrylics, fabric, wire, charcoal, pencil, collage, glue….) • 24 accompanying PDFs with step-outs, written instructions, references, links, etc. • Instructor FEEDBACK on uploaded or emailed work • Private BLOG and closed FACEBOOK groups. • Monthly BUSINESS DISCUSSIONS with insights on making art for a living 

If you sign up by December 31, 2014, you will receive a set of two signed prints from Lynn and me, with artwork created especially for “2015: Year of the Spark!” Prints will ship in late January.

Sign up today!

For more information: www.yearofthespark.com

2015: Year of the SPARK!! from Silly U on Vimeo.

Two Junky, Blobby Classes Start Tomorrow!


Hi! I wanted to remind you that I have two classes starting tomorrow:

Junk Mail Artist’s Book


Blobimal Artist Books

Both of these classes were originally held over a single, intensive week, but I’ve decided to spread them out so that the lessons go live over a two-week period. This means that each class will have a new, BONUS 6th lesson!

Click on the above links for class descriptions; classes are $35 each.


And as always, if you have previously signed up for either class and would like to play again at no additional cost, just email me and I’ll get you on the list.


Day #10 – Drawing Lab Kit GIVEAWAY – Last chance!

_E7Y4018 copy

Drawing Lab: A Fun and Silly Art Kit


Thank you so much everyone for all of your wonderful comments all through this Giveaway celebration!

The above painting is reprinted on the inside of the kit box (click to enlarge). :D

I started out teaching art to kids (in my sons’ elementary school classrooms), and found that the more fun I made the assignments, the happier everyone was! When I started teaching adults some years later, I kept the fun part in.

If you think you need this kit to start drawing, please don’t! Just pick up a pencil or a pen and start. Be gentle with yourself if your inner critic kicks in, and embrace the imperfections, errant lines and “mistakes!” Make it fun for yourself!

Leave a comment for a last chance to win a “Drawing Lab: A Fun and Silly Art Kit.” I’ll pick the winner at 6pm, Wednesday, 11/26.

Today’s winner was #33, Merrie Jo!

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 7.28.08 PM

Have a wonderful holiday season, and please sign up for my NEWSLETTER to be the first to know about new tutorials, online classes, and special stuff!

Thanks again, everyone!



Sunday 11/16 – First Day Giveaway!  Winner picked! (Victoria)
Monday 11/17 – Cats in Bed  Winner picked! (Marcie)
Tuesday 11/18 – One-Liners Winner picked! (Dawn)
Wednesday 11/19 – Gesture Drawings Winner picked! (Lani)
Thursday 11/20  – Picasso Dogs Winner picked! (Michaele)
Friday 11/21 – Index Card Multiples Winner picked! (Denise)
Saturday 11/22 – 100 Faces Project Winner picked! (Anne)
Sunday 11/23 – Coffee Shop Drawings Winner picked! (Lynn)
Monday 11/24 – Blind Contours Winner picked!
Tuesday 11/25 – Last Giveaway Day! Winner picked! (Merrie Jo)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
So leave a comment above (click the # comments link on the top right) for your chance to win a copy of the new “Drawing Lab Kit!” International entries welcome. :D 


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