“Silly” Testimonials

Silly 1 Redux (a repeat of the “original”) begins Sept. 28th. Details on Thursday, Sept. 1st!

We’ve just finished Session 4 of “The Art of Silliness: Drawing Worksheets for Adults” class.

Silleurs: I had an absolute BLAST hosting the class… thank you so much for joining me!


47 thoughts on ““Silly” Testimonials”

  1. Jan Reyes said:

    I had so much fun and gained so much confidence. I was hugely entertained by the worksheets and loved the flickr site where we could share in each others art and comments. Thanks for having the class. I really will look forward to a Fall Silliness.

  2. Thank you Carla for this last month. I really needed to lighten up. I haven’t fleeped or squeened or posted to flickr (yet) but I have been being silly quietly over here in my corner, really rather like me I must admit. I’ve written a wee tribute to you over at my blog. I’ll be checking in regularly, thinking about ordering your book too. Cheers!

  3. Carol Rothman said:

    What a way to start your day. Wake up, hurry to the computer,a cup of Joe and click on the link of silliness to see your next challenge. Let’s begin and doddle away. I loved this class, the sillyness of it all, the knock knock jokes, and the made up words. It was so much fun and challenging at the same time. This class helped me to think outside and inside the box but the best part of the class is that “It just doesn’t matter what the outcome is because it is silly and it doesn’t have to make sense!” It gives you permission to just draw and do—freely without expectation of greatness(or somewhat good for me). Thank you Carla, and I am looking forward to getting your book and signed is the bonus. Congratulations on another successful class, you are awesome.

  4. Claudia Fuller said:

    I feel like for the past month I’ve been able to hang out with a couple of new friends. One of those new friends is you, Carla – and the other is the kid in me who has been dormant for a while.

    You’ve guided and superbly encouraged us to play and be silly. I’ve been learning to be less judgmental about the doodles and scribbles I make. Seeing what I could draw – the Squeen and her hat without my glasses on was a real eye-opener… yahahahahaha

    Thank you for showing me how to give myself permission to be silly. I’m so very glad I was able to go to Artfest 2010, complements of my friend, to meet you and to find out about this on-line class. I look forward to the next time.

  5. Randi Nervig said:

    Carla – this was a great class. It took me about two weeks to get into it because I’m a person who moves rather carefully through life in order not to make mistakes, and life has always seemed rather serious. I had to pry the tightness out of my system and what a wonderful, freeing thing that was! I’ve always loved your little drawings and I expected this class to be a series of steps to get to where my drawings looked like yours. When I finally “got with the program” and realized the value of being silly, the class was half over but I had learned so much! I may never be a silly trog but it’s a whole lot easier to try. Thanks, oh Squeen!

  6. Thank you Carla for the most wonderful class!! It’s like nothing I ever imagined and yet the most fun ever…and certainly the most inspiring! I admit I’ve slacked off the last week (because of other creative obligations) but I have my sheets printed, in my Fleep notebook, ready and waiting!

    I would love to sign up when you launch “The Art of Silliness Part ll” or “Return of the Queen of Fleep” , or even “How to Be Silly without Really Trying”….

    I’ve had so much fun! Waking up to see what new and enlightening messages come from Fleep-ville, and what assignments will be waiting for your silly subjects.

    Thank You Carla!!
    I’m excited to purchase your book!!
    Big Hugs!

  7. I too really liked the Silliness exercises. Carla, you provided a safe place for participants to try our hands at sketching, doodling, and drawing in a variety of techniques. Your encouragement for people attempting to draw after years of thinking we can’t opens the door wide for us to experiment and express ourselves, and just have fun. Thanks so much. I look forward to your book and the next class.

  8. As a veteran of Carla’s classes, I know what a wonderful, inspiring teacher she is in person. So, it was a delight (but not a surprise) to discover that her teaching talents translated just as well to her online class. Carla helps her students release their inner critic, and what emerges is a whimsy and freedom that makes for truly original artwork. Each of us discover in her classes that we really are artists, and that our visual style is uniquely our own. Thanks again, Carla, for another wonderful learning experience.

    Fleep, fleep!


  9. HI!! I have so enjoyed all the silliness and great fun! ApRil was jammed with weddings and out of towners, so will post some of my doodles as it quiets down. Carla, I love your great, funny and artful spirit! This was a joy!


  10. Well the class had been finished for a few weeks now but not the inspiration and the confidence it has engendered. I have been anxious for years about putting pencil to paper in the fear of drawing something silly and here was a class positively encouraging me to do just that. After the initial wariness and a few “this is just silly”! I loved it! It really opened a door for me which I have been wanting to walk through for ages. All the different little excercises work on so many levels. I didn’t even realise this at the time as I was too busy feeling the creative enjoyment I felt when I was a little child and no one criticized my work, least of all me. I now feel like a “can draw” person and not a”can’t draw ” one and have the confidence not to be so tied up in all the judgement and to keep on drawing, observing and just plain enjoying it, just because I do.
    Just to say as well that I thought the set up of the course with the worksheets, the 30 consecutive days, a 5 min excercise or an option of more, worked brilliantly for me.
    So Carla I can’t thank you enough and I look forward to buying your book and joining the next class.
    Cheers Sheila

  11. Hi Carla!
    I received your wonderful, beautiful book today and the fascinating Picasso Dog with revolving eyes, who can wolf even with his tongue hanging out. Clever dog. Clever Carla. I enjoyed the Online Silly Drawing class so much – I can’t wait to dig into DRAWING LAB!

    I want to say that your online Art of Silliness drawing workshop caused something of a paradigm shift in my perspective on drawing, more specifically, my ability to draw. I draw all the time now. No big deal, no worries, no “I’m not having fun this is too ugly”, none of that. I am now and forever more a person who draws. Because of you. Sometimes a person outside of oneself needs to point out the obvious, that is, we can all draw and here’s how to jump right in and do it.

    Thank you, Carla. Thanks, thanks, and thanks again. Drawing brings so much joy to my life – who knew it could be so wonderful? You did! Thanks for giving it to me.

    Jennifer Whitmer

  12. I received my book today and tomorrow I begin my journey of pure fun. I want to do my exercises on ATC size cards and keep them in a binder. Maybe some day someone will want to trade. I’m excited about this because it will show me how to play, to have the fun I never had.
    Thanks, Carla Jan C.

  13. i feel lost without my hit of silliness in the am. sandy

  14. Kathie Vezzani said:

    Carla, I am so glad that I met you at the beginning of my journey as an artist. I am having such a blast and you are a great inspiration. Tall girls do have to stick together! Silliness 2 was a great opportunity to see other artists’ work and gave us a window into the Squeen’s world. Sven will miss her terribly.

  15. I have totally loved the whole silly thing!! LOVED the energy in the Flickr pool – it’s been awesome, and I hope you’ll do this again!!
    I have just ordered Drawing Lab – I love your style and am really looking forward to continue this journey!!
    Thanks so much for your silliness @ just the right time in my life!

  16. The Best X 3
    Best drawing class I’ve taken on-line or off-line
    Best teacher who made drawing fun
    Best time spent that brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart

    Judith Westerfield

  17. Thank you so much Carla!

    Who can’t use a little more silly in their life?!?

    I loved having fun, creative exercises available to me when I was in need of a little loosening up… I will continue to enjoy the benefits of your silliness long after the class is over!


  18. quiltknit said:

    I had a blast too! I got ill the last week. So, I missed the Collective Art piece. I am still ill. But very proud that Squeen took My RA for Red Ants. That made the class for me. I still have to post. I tried several things. I printed out the large size pdf and the small size and could see no difference. I also decided to print out on several colors of card stock. White and Cream, I then chose to do some on colored card stock. All purchased at Staples. I hope to have them posted by next weekend. I have to really pay attention to a workshop. I have been hosting.
    Just when is Silly3? No One said.
    Sherrie Roberts

  19. Claudia Fuller said:

    I was lucky to be silly twice – in Art of Silliness 1 and now 2. Both classes have helped me to see that despite my own naysaying, I CAN be artistic, I CAN draw, in my older years I CAN be silly. A great class Carla. This time around I got such great strokes from the Flicker postings, that helped my esteem, too.

    I’ll be waiting for Silly 3 and hoping I’ll have more time to delve into it. And yes, I’m going to truly miss my daily dose of silliness.

  20. Silly 2 made me laugh, made me draw and made me more aware of putting more Silly into the world. I sillyilly hope there will be a Silly 3 for Me!


  21. To Carla:
    Thanks so much! I couldn’t have had a funner month of drawing. The best!

    To anyone who is considering taking Silly 3 (if it happens; keep your fingers crossed):
    *Drop everything and take it!* It is so much fun you don’t realize that your drawing is improving in the process.

  22. Carla,
    Thanks to your great homeworks I have realized by myself that I really can draw, but specially, that I can HAVE FUN drawing. And so I feel like drawing more often! Thanks for gifting me the discovery!! And the flickr group is really fantastic and encouraging! For sure I want to take the Silliness 3, I will be alert, I wouldn’t miss it for the world!!
    Truly thank you so much for this GIFT!!! As I wrote at Flickr, I loved to walk trough this particular road to nowhere and finding this particular squeen who really gave me a BIG treasure.
    Silliness 3 = Fun guaranteed! (and much more than it!)

  23. Nicole Rasmussen said:

    This was a ton of fun. I don’t have a scanner so couldn’t upload any that I’ve done (and I haven’t been able to do most of them yet!) but I’ve loved checking out those that have put them up.


  24. Randi Nervig said:

    Carla – Once again I didn’t participate fully, but I loved getting the worksheets and partaking of the silliness. I’ve done only about half of the exercises but haven’t been able to upload to the Flikr group – yet! When I get that figured out, I’ll upload all my pages at once.

    What a great class even so! I tried to get co-workers to participate but to no avail. I’ll keep working on others so when Silliness 3 comes along, I can get a bunch of people to sign up. Thanks for this wonderful class!

  25. Lindsey Wilkes said:

    Hi Carla,

    I have your book, Drawing Lab, and love it! I have been trying many of the exercises. One that I have been experimenting with over and over is Lab 21- Klee transfer paintings. I’m wondering if you have a preferred brand/type of tracing paper for this exercise? The brand I have been using sticks, is virtually impossible to see the original sketch, and is a bit hard to work with.
    Thank you!

  26. This comment is late… but silly me, late is better than never! I participated in Silly 2 and loved it. It opened my eyes and mind, and freed my hands to do… all kinds of wonderful things.

    I enthusiastically, wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend a silly session with Carla to everyone. In fact I didn’t want the inspiration to end, so I bought Carla’s book and the fun continues.

    Thank you Carla!

  27. Sharon Webb said:

    It was a silllllly blast! Learned so much from the Squeen, just like Silly 3. And thanks to all the participants who sent me such wonderful comments. They were so encouraging.

  28. Suzanne said:

    I loved this class! It was so much fun! I can’t wait for silly 5 !!!!!

  29. Don’t think, just join! This was the best drawing experience of my life, and I have taken a lot of classes! I learned many tools to make cool and fun art, and tricks to get myself drawing and get the creative juices flowing if I get stuck. Every artist should take this class at some point!

    I also have Carla’s book so I will have that to keep me warm until I can take another of her workshops….Long live the Squeen!!!

    I’m going to miss this class.

  30. Barbara said:

    I loved so much to be in this class, I have taken out so much in order to become more confidence and to improve my drawing habits and skills. Thank you so much, honorable Squeen, for all this input and for bringing out of my head!!!
    I will definitely sign up for the next class and I am looking so much forward to Silly5!

  31. Thank you for your class Carla. I didn’t know what to expect when I started being a first time ‘Silly’ and full of fear! At times when I saw the daily assignments I thought ‘I can’t do that’ but I did and I found so much support and encouragement from you and the other ‘Sillys”. This is a class where there never is a wrong way of doing anything – just encouragement and fun all the way.
    I certainly would be interested in any future online class you have.

  32. Carla,
    Thank you so much for being someone who makes drawing and art what it should be- FUN! I’ve loved all the inspiration and encouragement that was to be found in the Flickr group & appreciated you taking time to comment on EVERYBODY’S uploads!

    It’s been so nice to create and doodle just for the sake of doing so (though it’s definitely inspired future work of mine- bonus!) I did fall behind at the end, but I’m sure the Squeen wouldn’t want me to fret or worry, as that would defeat the purpose of this class!

    Now back to working my way through your book!

    Take care,

  33. I really really enjoyed this class! I signed up to try to loosen up in my own art work and I believe this class helped me do that. I have Carla’s book and am only a little ways into it but it has helped me come up with some unique ideas to use in my work and give it a whole new and fresh look. Thank you so much Carla!! =-D

  34. Thank you, Carla! Your lessons help to lighten a loaded mind and awaken the parts long neglected. Just ordered your Drawing Lab book and CAN’T WAIT to start it. (((HUGGGGS))) ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Jaime Morton said:

    Thank you for a wonderful journey! Your class freed me to draw from my imagination and to let the images that are inside me come out onto paper. I didn’t know I could do it. Thanks so much. I am not afraid anymore!

  36. Plateresca said:

    My thought-out opinion.

    First of all, this workshop is extremely worth the money: the price is almost symbolical for 30 days of incessant creativity.
    The main thing it does is get you moving, get you drawing and creating, and I would especially recommend it to those who love to draw but do not do it for some reasons, lack time and courage, doubt their abilities. What you will get is gain confidence, find resources and create works you will be proud of; the Flickr group of like minded people is of enourmous support, too.

    Carla, I’ve already told you what you and your book did for me: instead of being scared to death of drawing and wanting to do that more than anything in the world I started just drawing, everyday, and enjoying it and liking my pictures; and the fact that some other people from the Flickr group – people whose work I admired – liked it too made me fly.

    So, I go on flying ๐Ÿ™‚ and thanks, everybody, we had a great time; and I hope we’ll meet again ๐Ÿ™‚
    And for those new to the workshop – do not hesitate to take it!

  37. The “Imaginary Creatures” class taught me I could do things I didn’t think I could. I’ve always stuck with media that I could control, that were “safe” for me, and this class forced me to try things I wouldn’t have otherwise. Lo and behold, I could handle them, and I had results that I’m still a little surprised by. I think the key is Carla’s ability to make art fun. While you’re doing the exercises, you aren’t worried about what you’re doing so much as just enjoying the play, and before you know it, you’ve learned you can do something new. Now I’ll take those new things and let them inform the future work I do. Having such a personable teacher and some lovely classmates in the flickr group really was the icing on the cake. Thanks, Carla!

  38. I’m wrapping up the “Faces 101” class, and once again I’ve been surprised at what I learned. It wasn’t so much about learning technique (though I did) as it was about discovering what I was capable of if I tried something different from the ordinary and did it in a no-pressure environment. I always appreciate different styles when someone else does them but have never liked it when I did those styles myself–yet now I find that I’m really comfortable with a variety of styles and look forward to developing them more to find out just which ones resonate with me most. Thanks, Carla, for making the journey so enjoyable.

  39. Having finished and reflected on the “Junk Mail Artist’s Book” class, I can say what I got most from this class was the chance to do something new, something I wouldn’t normally do, in a “safe” environmnent. Through that I realized a newfound enjoyment of mixed media. I also saw the culmination of the previous two “Dog Days” classes I took, in that, without thinking about it, I was employing things I’d learned about myself as an artist from those classes into my “junk book.” Having looked around at other available art classes, I’ve realized what a value Carla offers for the dollar and would definitely recommend her classes to anyone.

  40. Sue svensen said:

    I’m hugely enjoying the silly 5 class. I’m pleased that I can go at my own pace. It’s helped me cope with life!! And not get overwhelmed. Sue. Australia

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