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77 thoughts on “E-Newsletter!”

  1. Hi- I would love to subscribe to your monthly newsletter. Sorry- can’t figure out to email you.

  2. Janet Chance said:


  3. aimé de jonghe said:

    like your blog, your drawings and look forward to your newsletter.
    merry x-mas from bruges (belgium)

  4. Nicole Tremblay said:


  5. Deanna Heitschmidt said:

    LOVE your book!!!

  6. Please Subsrcibe

  7. betsey kuzia said:

    just got your book; it complements a simple drawing class I’ve developed. Thanks for putting this down on paper!


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  9. Would like to subscribe~Thank you.

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  11. subscribe

  12. Connie Maeran said:


  13. I’d love to get your newsletter. Thank y ou. Jan

  14. Hello,
    I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter. I’m guessing there is going to be a Silly The 4th – any idea of the dates?

  15. Gwen Bunnell said:

    Please sign me up for your monthly newsletter.

  16. Sign me up!!!!! 🙂

  17. Hi Carla ~ Please sign me up for your monthly newsletter – Love your work and your style!

  18. Petra Huisman said:

    Please sign me up for your newsletter! Looking forward to it!

  19. Cindi pizwell said:

    Hey, do I get your monthly newsletter? If not, pls sign me uo!
    Love to you! Piz

  20. subscribe…? is this right…lol
    I just found your blog and this is great….look forward to silly the 4th…

  21. Joyce Block said:

    I would love to get the newsletter and want to be involved with Silly 4. It sounds great!

  22. please sign me up for your monthly newsletter !!!!

  23. OMG Carla so thrilled to have found you … will you be running another online course soon please or a workshop in NY May ;~)

  24. Please sign me up. Thank You

  25. Subscribe – Please 🙂

  26. Subscribe to your newsletter. What is the cost for taking your exercises. How cute they are!

  27. Please sign me up for your newsletter –
    i found yor book- i love your way to draw and see things 😉
    Thank You!
    With kind regards, ke.

  28. please sign me up for your newsletter!
    Looking forward to it : )

  29. Subject

  30. please subscribe me for your newsletter

  31. Subscribe!

    Really inspiring work, Carla! Thanks for sharing your wonderfully ‘silly’ creativity. Cheers! 😀

  32. Please sign me up four your monthly newsletter.
    I have just sent you an email to let you know that i have enrolled in your Art of Silliness 4 online course.

  33. I just found your book, I can’t wait to go through it. Please add me to your newsletter mailing. Thanks!!

  34. Lindy Warner said:

    Plan to do an Art of Silliness – just can’t in May as I’m traveling 2 1/2 of the 4 weeks 😦 – hope there’s a fall 2011 one! Thanks!

  35. Subscribe, please!

  36. Subscribe, please 🙂

  37. Cindy Key said:

    “Subscribe” me please!

  38. Please sign me up for your email newsletter

  39. Liana Barger said:

    Subscribe Please! :0)

  40. I would love to subscribe.

  41. Hi, I’d like to subscribe please. Thanks

  42. Please add me to your subscription list! Great images on your site – Brava!


  43. Euphemia Roecker said:

    Love your drawings and water colors!

  44. Please sign me up for your newsletter. Love your work.

  45. Subscribe please

  46. Yin Yin Lim said:


    Thank you!

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  48. Subscribe! Please.

  49. Susan Borton said:

    subscribe me too, please!

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  51. Subscribe please. Thanks.

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  55. Liesbeth Molenberg said:

    subscribe please, thanks

  56. Subscribe please. I loved your classes here in Salida.

  57. subscribe please. 🙂

  58. lindachrisk2009 said:


  59. Subscribe please
    Love your book!

  60. subscribe please

  61. Can’t wait to receive your news!

  62. Maimoona said:

    Hey would you please subscribe me to your monthly newsletter, I tried “sign me up” button but it didn’t work!! 😦

  63. Subscribe me please :))

  64. Subscribe me please, you Squeen of Squeens, you.

  65. Jacinthe said:

    Subscribe me please

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  67. Anne Kressly said:


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