1. Painting is going well this week. I am grateful as I know that next week (or tomorrow) can be an entirely different story.
  2. Why is it that sometimes good things just FLOW out effortlessly and other times you need to take a toothpick and pick things out piece by miniscule piece?
  3. Here are a few artists you might like!
  4. I’ve gone “running” the last few days in an effort to exercise more and lose a few pounds. Since I hate to exercise, I decided that “running”* would provide the most bang for my buck… in other words, I suffer more dreadfully at the time but it can be over in 20 minutes or less.
  5. I was inspired by a fictional character who was in her mid-50s, “a big girl”, and who ran every morning. I figure I’m only 43, so I can do it as well. (Is it okay that I’m inspired to exercise by a FICTIONAL character? Haha!)

*Most people wouldn’t call what I do “running.”