The above image is a screen capture of the last few days of my blog stats… for some reason, on Sunday, when I hadn’t posted in over a week, I got over 200 hits! I’ve tried to find a clue as to why this would be but remain flummoxed… Ah well, the narcissist in me wishes those new people (I’m assuming they’re new) had seen a clever, funny, intelligent and wise post. Instead, well, they saw photos of my hair.

Here are some more mysteries maybe you can help me solve:
1. Why is my cat meowing incessently in the middle of the night?
2. Why can’t I fall asleep for hours after I get up and put her out? (Note: she HAS a cat door.)
3. Why are banks so mean?

And a note to all the wonderful people who purchased India books: I’m working on them and they’re coming soon!!