I opened an old journal this morning from 1999… Wes was four years old and I had just quit my job to stay home with him. He was the funniest little guy! I’ve shared some of these before, but some are new… “Wesisms”:

  • “Why do people have so many junk?”
  • While eating breakfast with Steve: “We have to eat and eat until the food is all the way up to our neck. Now, it’s at our chest.”
  • “Mom, I’m going to teach you everything I know.”
  • “It’s not a rotten egg. I trust you, mom. It’s not a rotten egg.”
  • “Dad, why do you make me do all the work?
  • “Mom, my eyes are making me sleep.”
  • At the dinner table: I’m not a mushroom guy.”
  • “God can hear our hearts. He’s like a doctor.”

And finally, a little song he sang (and I happened to write down, thank God):

I am a turkey
Please don’t kill me
I don’t want to be eaten
for Thanksgiving

You can kill my babies…




And now the theme for

Today’s prompt: Mothering