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Pig, watercolor and pencil on hot press watercolor paper. (Click to enlarge)

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This morning I read Dar Hosta’s 52 Mondays Blog where she talks about how small questions can make big changes in our lives. (It’s a great post, read it here!)

One of the questions asked was, “What are you happy about?” which, in my hurried reading, became, “What makes you happy?” and then, “What makes you unhappy?”

The one answer that kept popping up to that last question was “Comparing myself to others.”

The internet is great for inspiration but can be really dangerous for those of us prone to seeing glimpses of what others are doing and then feeling totally lacking. (And, it’s true — there is always someone better, and more successful! Which, of course, is life, and we all learn that lesson each day…nothing new here!)

However, there are tangible things I can do that can minimize this tendency to compare myself to others, which just makes me unhappy.

One easy thing I can do is turn away from the computer and create something new (which I did this morning — see the pig, above).

Does anyone else have this Comparison Problem? What is one small thing you can do today to help minimize this tendency, which is probably making you unhappy, too?