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If you head on over to The Sketchbook Challenge Blog today, you’ll see the Oaxacan Dotted Elephant tutorial that makes up Chapter 4 of Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals.

And HERE you can leave a comment to WIN both a copy of the book and a mini elephant original drawing:

Just leave a comment telling me why you would like to win the book. I will pick two winners on Sunday, September 30th: one “randomly,” and one based on your comment (I’ll pick the one that “speaks” to me the most).

I look forward to reading your comments!

P.S. There’s another book giveaway and book review over at Quinn Creative today. Click HERE for another chance to win. Thanks, Quinn, for the very nice review!

P.S.S. Thank you so much for all the blog love! I had meant to have you say “why” you would like the book so I could better understand where YOU are coming from… and not to ask for compliments. (But THANK YOU so much for all the nice comments!)


— Random winner of book and artwork: #44, Valerie Brown. She wrote

I would like to win this book because I have taken tentative steps in my sketchbook with drawing imaginary animals. I think your book would help me get over my need to have them look realistic and my subsequent disappointment when they don’t look that way! Plus, what’s not to love about imaginary animals!! 

— “Comment” winner of a book: Trudi Inglis. She wrote:

As much as I would love this book to be all for me, I think my 10-year old daughter is the perfect recipient for the book! She has always been artistic, and this past year she has really been exploring her creative ideas. In fact, this past summer she won the Jim Pittman Award in Lunenburg Nova Scotia … a contest open to kids grade 4 – 12, and she won first over all! Meanwhile she has friends and teachers trying to tell how to make art … How things “should look”. There is nobody but me and my artist sister encouraging her to let herself go. She loves looking at your work, and I really think having your book would help her learn that real people agree … Not just her totally uncool mum … That making art doesn’t mean following set rules!

AND… this was amazing…

— Former Silly student “Savannah Silly-Dawn O’Brien” asked if she could GIFT some of you copies of the book (I know, so generous!). She chose four recipients: Abigail, Jeannievh, Serena Mira Asta, and Birthe Lindhardt! I’ll be emailing the winners separately (and Savannah’s contact info is: savvangogh@earthlink.net). THANK YOU, Savannah!

And thank you to everyone who commented… I was really touched by ALL of the comments… thank you.


This post is part of a Two-Week Book Release Celebration for my new book, “Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals: A Mixed-Media Workshop with Carla Sonheim.” For the schedule, which includes book and art giveaways, contributing artists features, tutorials, and assignments, click here.