I re-run past online classes about once per year. Besides the new Gelli Plate Printmaking  class starting Monday, I am repeating three older classes in the weeks immediately following:

Junk Mail Artist’s Book • May 27-31
Watercolor Transfer Paintings • June 3-7
Cereal Box Paper Dolls • June 10-14

All class purchases are good for participants living in a single household and is up and available to you “forever.” Hope to see you there!


Junk Mail Artist’s Book
One-Week Intensive Class • $35
NEXT CLASS: May 27-31, 2013


This is a mixed-media-junkie’s dream project! Junk mail combined with gesso, watercolor, a little swirly technique here, some packing tape there, creates beautiful and complicated textures that you can use as backgrounds for any mixed media projects you currently have going.

In this class we’ll use our pages to create an irregularly shaped book. Then, we’ll DRAW! You will begin a drawing on one spread, with the goal of having each image connect to and work with the images from other spreads. The drawing exercises throughout the week will build up to you being able to see more creatively and embrace the “puzzle” nature of this beautiful artist’s book.

Take this class if you love textures, layers, and everything mixed media. This one is just FUN!

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Watercolor Transfer Paintings
One-Week Intensive Class • $35
NEXT CLASS: June 3-7, 32013

In this class we’ll experiment with this easy and quick technique that creates some of the loveliest watercolor textures I’ve seen… if you love the intricate patterns found in a single rock, for example, you will love this class.

Using only t-shirt transfer paper and watercolors, we’ll first just play with brush techniques, working in layers and experimenting with fabric. (Watercolor on fabric? Yes!!) Later in the week we will add other media to the mix: charcoal, ballpoint pen, and pastel to add even more texture and depth to these unique paintings. And use cut and torn bits and pieces of the painted transfers to create fun and unique pieces of art. We’ll also work with “plates” to create multi-layered paintings.

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Cereal Box Paper Dolls
One-Week Intensive Class • $35
NEXT CLASS: June 10-14, 32013


“What did you do as a child that made the hours pass like minutes?
Here is the key to your earthly pursuits.” — Carl Jung

It’s fun to play with paper dolls! (It’s even more fun to see grown men play with paper dolls, which happened in our household recently.)

In this class you will create set of stand-up paper dolls and a unique, interactive artist book using cereal boxes as your substrate. Your paper dolls will fit into the pockets of the folded book structure, which becomes the backdrop for your characters when folded out. Fun!

On the last day you will receive tips and tricks for photographing your 3D project by Guest Teacher Steve Sonheim.

Just $35… SIGN UP HERE!