CRASS ADVERTISEMENT: Above is the “test” worksheet that was sent to all of the Silly People yesterday… it’s not too late to join up! The class starts on Wednesday, 9/15. We have a large and lively group playing this time… Go here for details!

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REGULAR BLOG POST: Today I got to my studio and felt overwhelmed… so much to do! So I wrote everything down and realized that everything fit into three categories:

  1. Silly Workshop Stuff.
  2. Prepping for my Classes this weekend
  3. Painting (for Jill’s forthcoming book).

Then I did a little math and realized that I could allocate two hours to each category. How my mind worked it:

Let’s see, I’m in the office from 8:30am – 3:30pm, that’s 7 hours, minus one for lunch = 6 hours… 2 hours x 3 categories = 6 hours total.

Who said we wouldn’t use all that math as adults?